Representative Results

Queensland has a long history of playing representative football, with matches dating back to before Queensland was even a state. Since the reforming of the QAFL competition in 2014 representative football has been played each year, bar 2018.

In 2019, the QAFL will host the Adelaide Football League on June 8th.

Recent representative results:

2014 VAFA 18.16 (124) d Queensland 5.11 (41) Zane Taylor Medallist: Matthew Trewhella

2015 Victoria Metro 17.22 (124) d Queensland 6.4 (40) Zane Taylor Medallist: Adam Spackman

2016 WAAFL 10.6 (66) d QAFL 6.16 (52) Zane Taylor Medallist: Fletcher McIvor

2017 QAFL 5.8 (38) d WAAFL 4.11 (35) Zane Taylor Medallist: Jayden Young

*Matches prior to 2014 will be added in due course

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