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Welcome to AFL Queensland Umpiring! We are happy you have chosen to join us as part of your Volunteering Queensland journey. AFL Queensland Umpiring is an inclusive and diverse organisation who prides itself on its ability to provide a safe environment for all umpires across Queensland. Our organisation has 4 key pillars in relation to all that work, play, umpire, volunteer, or contract to our great game. These include:

  1. Play Fair
  2. Play As One Team
  3. Play To Win
  4. Play With Passion

Volunteering Queensland & AFL Queensland have the following opportunities for you to choose from:


By registering your interest to be part of the AFL Queensland Umpiring program, you will be taught the basics of umpiring to allow you to be appointed to umpire games within your local area. We umpire competitions across South East Queensland and Northern Rivers to Darling Downs and Cairns. This allows us to deliver flexible conditions to your involvement.

If you have an AFL background, you will understand the game and passion we have for it. If you are not from an AFL background, we welcome you along to become part of Australia’s national game and we could not be more thrilled.

Umpiring in the AFL has three different disciplines:

  1. Field Umpiring – These umpires are in the middle of the field and officiate all part of the game to uphold the rules of the game, manage the match for everyone’s enjoyment and have the best seat in the house.
  2. Boundary Umpiring – These umpires monitor the boundary line of the field. They manage decisions on when the ball goes out of bounds and throws the ball back into the field of play to recommence the match.
  3. Goal Umpiring – These umpires are responsible to adjudicating if the ball has passed through the posts for a behind or a goal, and to keep the score of the match in conjunction with their goal umpire colleague to the other end of the field and the scoreboard.

Umpire Training and Education

Education and training are key to you being confident and competent to umpire. AFL Queensland host on-field training sessions across Queensland on a weekly and monthly basis. These sessions are hosted by our qualified Umpire Coaches. AFL Queensland also provide fortnightly online training sessions on Monday for umpires to attend – we record these sessions and then distribute to all umpires to review during their own time.

If you require further information regarding our umpiring program, please contact our Umpiring Department using the contact details below.

Garry Dunne – Umpire Recruitment and Retention Lead QLD
garry.dunne@afl.com.au / 0498 666 249

Chloe Webb – Community Umpiring Coordinator
chloe.webb@afl.com.au / 0499 777 425

Nicola Stevens – Umpiring Development Coordinator
nicola.stevens@afl.com.au / 0498 222 248


Coaching is a very regarding part of our game. As part of a team of coaches, you could find yourself being the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Team Runner, team Trainer (if suitably qualified), or Water Carrier.

Club Volunteering

Clubs need volunteers to assist them with many facets of their organisation, from committee members to ground maintenance, canteen staff to club umpire coordinators. There are many roles which can be undertaken.

Women and Girls Programs

The fastest growing area within the AFL is the Women and Girls Competitions. We have positions available to work within our programs to ensure women and girls are supported within clubs, umpiring, coaching or playing.

Game Development

Our Game Development team are the people behind the growth of our game in the junior levels, at primary schools and high schools. Our Game Development team teach students how to play AFL.You don’t need to know how to play AFL to be part of our team, just have the desire to learn, help out, and encourage our participants to enjoy their footy experience. 

Administrative Support

While we have full time staff within our organisation, there are on occasion, times where our administrative team require assistance.

Active Volunteering Brochure here

Register your interest with AFL Queensland & Volunteering Queensland here

2024 Schools Third Party Training Course Fees can be found here

Find out if you are eligible for an Active Volunteering Certificate here



Now I have filled in a Registration form, what happens next? 

  • A team member from AFLQ Umpiring Department will contact you to discuss your role preferences.

How do I register to be an Umpire?

  • Head to OfficialsHQ using this link and complete steps 1 – 4.
  • You will receive an email from OfficialsHQ to verify your details (check you junk box). This is an important step and will expire after 72 hours. If you miss this window, go back to the login page and use “Forget Password”, this will re-trigger the confirmation of your details and allow you to complete the verification.
  • Log in to your account with your email address and password.
  • Complete the relevant information including Club Affiliation, Banking Details etc. and choose your preferred discipline and League (SEQ, Juniors, Umpire4Fun)
  • Registration Complete!
  • https://registration.officialshq.com/

What do we get paid for Umpiring a game?

  • Senior Footy payments can start at $75 per game
  • Youth footy (Field Umpire only) payments can vary between $35 – $75 per game
  • Payments for matches are made direct into your nominated bank account fortnightly. These payments are tax free due to our sport being a hobby. You do not have to declare the income with the ATO

When will I be required to Umpire?

  • SEQ Senior Football competitions are held on Friday Nights and Saturdays
  • SEQ Youth Football competitions are held on Friday Nights and Sundays
  • Regional Senior Football Competitions are held on Saturdays
  • Regional Youth Football Competitions are held on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the regions

Which regions do we operate in? 

  • You can become an Umpire in any of the following regions: South East Queensland, Darling Downs, Wide Bay, Capricornia, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns

How long does the season run for?

  • Most of our seasons across QLD commence in April and conclude in September, depending on the competition.

How do I use OfficialsHQ?

  • We have handbooks that can be sent to you for ease of use, however the basic information is relatively self-explanatory. However, please contact our team if you do require assistance
  • An important part of OfficialsHQ is to keep your availability updated, this tells our appointment coordinators if and when you are available to be appointed games

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