Player to Umpire Program

Get paid to give back with our Player to Umpire Program!

Are you interested in giving back to your club? Are you ready to call the shots on field? Check out the below!

How can you help?

Players, whether past or current, are the greatest solution for the short- and long-term growth in Umpiring. Players have the most impactful understanding of the game due to their experience in playing – allowing them to understand how to communicate with players, how to recognise the feeling and emotion of a game and out of all new Umpires, have the best understanding of the laws of the game. Our role as Umpires is to provide a safe and fair environment for players – current or past players give us the greatest opportunity to do so.

We need you to help us achieve this – assisting in Umpiring Youth matches whenever you can. We want you to be invested in the next generation of players coming through your Club – making sure they are receiving the highest level of Umpiring that can be provided, and ensuring we can develop the next generation of Umpires to build a sustainable and high-performing Youth system. Better Umpires make better players – we want you to be a part of the solution!


How will it work?

  • Current or Past Players to officiate Youth fixtures at your Home Club 
  • We don’t expect this every week – the flexibility is up to you, the player, on how often you can/want to assist
    • This may be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month – we just ask that you give it a try and if you enjoy it, then continue!
  • We would love to come and speak directly to your playing group – whether that is your Reserves team, Women’s team, Friday night team or whole Club, any opportunity to speak to the players directly will hopefully encourage them to ask questions and get involved.
  • The most important part of this – we don’t want to take players away from playing, or impact your ability to play for your Club – we just want to find that person who has the time and willingness to get involved in whatever capacity they can.

Please follow this link and provide your details, so we can be in touch and find out what will work best for you!

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