Glasshouse on lookout for coach

The Glasshouse Lions are on the lookout for a coach to lead their QAFA (B) North side in 2015.

Ben Haycroff coached the side this season as a stop gap, but the Lions are keen to help an aspiring coach get their first taste of leading a side in 2015.

Club president, Craig Bales, said it was difficult to attract players without a coach confirmed, but the club would be a perfect starting point for anyone looking to kick off their coaching career.

“We’re keen to have someone who wants to get their foot in the door work your way up,” he said.

‘if there’s a coach that wants t get to a higher level , they can get themselves the experience and exposure before  step up another role,” he said.

Despite having a strong junior program, president, Craig bales, said the club has struggled with retention of U18 players, who look to play at Caloundra.

“Any kids that are really good head towards the higher comps,”he said.

“We’re more of a social competition in the b comp and we’re just  struggling to get the numbers.”

“We’ve got a good nucleus of guys and we’ve got to hold on to them.

“if he have a new coach, it’s a case of getting a few extras to fill in the gaps.”

For amateur footballers looking to have a fun kick with some mates on the weekends, Bales said the Lions were the place to be.

The club is thriving off the field, with a strong community base and its junior program continues to grow, while at the other end of the scale, their masters team is also in a strong place.

However, Bales said the lack of younger players coming through was a concern for their senior team and hoped a new coach would be able to bring across some extra players as well.

Bales said any new coach would receive as much help as necessary from club volunteers.

“They would have plenty of off field support from us for sure,” he said.

“We’re a friendly family club and we’ve got the off-field people and last year’s coach around to give them all the support they need.”

The future of the Glasshouse side is crucial to the QAFA (B) North competition as a whole.

That competition is currently a five-team competition and cannot really afford to lose any of its teams.

if you’re interested in playing or coaching at the Glasshouse Lions, contact Craig Bales at

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