About Us

AFL Queensland is the state controlling body for the code of Australian Football in Queensland.

AFL Queensland is responsible for the administration, development and marketing of all aspects of Australian Football throughout the state.

AFL Queensland has over 216,000 participants (including Northern Rivers which is governed by AFLQ) playing at all levels of football from the introductory NAB AFL Auskick program to the AFL Masters Competition.

AFL Queensland covers 13 Regions, 24 Leagues and 159 Clubs.

Part of AFL Queensland’s role is to oversee, support and guide various football bodies and programs across the State.

These bodies include:

  • Queensland Australian Football League (QWAFL
  • Queensland Women’s Australian Football League (QWAFL)
  • AFL Queensland Colts
  • NAB AFL Auskick
  • AFL Queensland Umpires
  • AFL Queensland Coaching Accreditation Program
  • AFL Schools Programs
  • AFL Brisbane Juniors
  • AFL Gold Coast Juniors
  • AFL Northern Rivers Juniors
  • AFL Darling Downs Juniors
  • AFL Sunshine Coast Juniors
  • AFL Capricornia Juniors
  • AFL Wide Bay Juniors
  • AFL Capricornia Juniors
  • AFL Mackay Juniors
  • AFL Townsville Juniors
  • AFL Cairns Juniors
  • AFL Darling Downs
  • AFL Northern Rivers
  • AFL Wide Bay
  • AFL Capricornia
  • AFL Mackay
  • AFL Mount Isa
  • AFL Townsville
  • AFL Cairns
  • AFL Cairns Women’s League
  • AFL Cape York

AFL Queensland’s development arm is responsible for the growth and development of Australian Football across the State. The key objectives include:

  • To  develop and support appropriate pathways for all segments from AFL Auskick to Open Age that maximise participation;
  • To support well managed leagues & clubs to motivate volunteers, umpires, coaches & sports trainers for all levels of Australian Football to promote quality environments;
  • To develop the talent pathway and enhance second tier competitions to capture and develop talented players & umpires;
  • To collaborate on facility development for the community football network of leagues & clubs;
  • To utilise Australian Football as a vehicle to promote social inclusion, education and employment initiatives, particularly in Indigenous and multicultural communities; and
  • To build the relationship with the community to develop fans of the game, the AFL Competition and AFL Clubs.

Today, across Queensland, almost 28,000 participants and their families are introduced to Australian Football annually through the NAB AFL Auskick program. This is up from 5,000 participants a decade ago. There are over 700 NAB AFL Auskick clinics run throughout metropolitan and regional Queensland each year.

The purpose of AFL Queensland is to create and maintain a quality environment that provides easy access and encourages participation in Australian Football at all levels throughout Queensland.

“Leaving the game and community in better shape
for future generations.”

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