Young Cat earns QAFL Rising Star

By Beth Newman

Brandon Chadwick has had an immediate impact at Broadbeach this season, with another standout match earning him the Round 4 QAFL Rising Star nomination.

Chadwick, who has two years of senior football for the Glenmore Bulls under his belt, had no trouble adjusting to the demands of QAFL football this season, impressing senior coach, Wayne Petterd.

“I knew he would probably play a lot of senior football but probably didn’t expect him  to have the impact that he’s having at the moment,” Petterd said.

Chadwick said the season of playing against much bigger bodies had set him up well for the QAFL this season.

“Having played against those bigger bodies in Rocky, I’m not as worried about getting hurt and I’m just used to the bigger bodies.”

“Footy down here is definitely a lot more competitive and training and work load is certainly a lot higher.

“In order to keep your spot in the team you’ve got top work hard and get the best out of yourself.”

Playing in a forward/ midfield role, Chadwick gives the Cats extra run late in games and his defensive acts in the attacking 50 have been pivotal.

One of the smaller players on the ground, Petterd said he more than makes up for his lack of height with his hard work around the ground.

“If he was any smaller, he’d be a jockey,” he joked.

“He’s winning our pressure acts – the tackling, the pressure involvements and he’s very level-headed.”

Initially relatively quiet, Petterd said Chadwick had really grown into himself in his short time at the club.

“When he first started, you couldn’t get boo out of him,” he said.

“Since we’ve started playing, he’s actually started feeling part of it a bit more and the boys are accepting him.”

The 18 year-old said he was loving his footy and jut wanted to continue to play.

“I jut want to play the best I can in whatever level I can,” he said.

“I had confidence in myself that I would be able to play good footy down here but probably not as good as I have.

“So far it’s going alright.”

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