QAFL Round 4 – Match of the Round Report

By Abby Collins

The Morningside Panthers remain undefeated this season following their clash with the Wilston Grange Gorillas.

In a gripping ANZAC Round clash, the Wilston Grange home crowd were in full force and full voice, but it was the visiting Panthers who emerged victorious in a hard fought 13.12 (90) to 8.13 (61) win.

The highly anticipated game started with the last post and moment of silence lead by invited Defence Force members. Lest we forget.

Pressure makes diamonds and this match saw many players shine.

Morningside’s smart plays and smooth tactics saw them taking the upper hand from the start and staying on top throughout the entire game. The score stayed close, with Wilston Grange bringing the heat anytime the Panthers started to gain too much traction.

The first quarter had three goals in favour to Morningside and one to Wilston Grange.

Tex Korewha put his body on the line to end the quarter, landing a spectacular mark, followed by a face plant and a quick goal. His bravery saw the play time out moments after his points landed on the score board.

The first quarter ending with a 10-point margin to the Panthers. 

Wilston Grange, fuelled by the noise of their supporters, came out firing in the second quarter, determined to even out the score.

However, the cool heads and practiced plays of the Panthers allowed them to slowly edge the margin apart once again.

A bone crunching tackle from William Pendlebury had Rhys Mathieson hitting the ground, stopping the Gorillas building momentum and setting the Panthers up for a spectacular goal further extending their lead.

The Panthers dominance continued in the third quarter, with the Gorillas trying their best to hold on. The Gorillas were bringing the heat, but it wasn’t enough to gain them the lead.

Morningside’s double goal to start the third quarter had Wilston Grange on the back foot again. The Panthers came out hunting and the Gorilla fans started sitting on the edge of their seats as their team scrambled for points.

Wilston Grange refused to go down without a fight. Bailey Gordon, Jack Raines and Lachlan Rhook all landed much needed goals for the Gorillas to close out the quarter.

In the final term, Nakia Cockatoo’s contested mark in front of the goal highlighted the Panthers determination for victory.

Both teams built up their pressure as the clock started to wind down.

With four more goals in the last quarter from Morningside to the two scored by Wilston Grange, the margin started to widen with the Gorillas struggling to pull it back.

Small in size but not in heart the Morningside support squad was audible throughout the game, cheering their senior men to victory.

Proud coach, Paul Egan put the win down to the players ability to successfully do their part for the team.

“We expected a tough game and the Gorillas delivered,” Egan said.

“But everyone did their part and worked well in their roles, which really helped us with the win.

“We are a roles-based team, It’s the way we play. We like to believe we don’t have any players that stand out over each other. Our boys play well together because they all have their jobs, and they execute them well.”



Wilston Grange           1.4       3.7       6.10     8.13     (61)

Morningside               3.2       6.7       9.9       13.12   (90)



Wilston Grange Raines 2, Rhook 2, Bowels, Gordon, Korewha, Westerberg

Morningside Castle 3, Cockatoo 3, Downie 2, Cameron-Reeves, Dadds, Lovig

Best Players

Wilston Grange Samuel Pettigrew, Bailey Gordon, Zach Westerberg, Rhys Mathieson, Oscar Stewart, Lliam Molan

Morningside Dylan Swann, Kelly Castle, Zac Straker, Cam Lovig, Jacob Lohmann, Tommy Horne



Other Games


Broadbeach v Palm Beach Currumbin

Broadbeach                                        2.4       4.9       4.13     4.18     (42)

Palm Beach Currumbin                      3.1       7.4       10.5     14.10   (94)


Broadbeach Brandt 2, Bowman, Harrington

Palm Beach Currumbin Beaman 3, Croad 3, Hall 2, Rubock 2, Cilmi, Dawson, Hayes, Stafford

Best Players

Broadbeach Jake Wood, Joel Filippone, Alan ONeill, Blake Erickson, Taine Dawson, Harry Gwynne

Palm Beach Currumbin Blayne Hull, Liam O’Brien, Lachlan Jolley, Ted O’Brien, Mathew Walkerden, Brad Stafford


Noosa v Maroochydore

Noosa                                 2.2         3.3         3.6         6.7         (43)

Maroochydore              4.3        7.10       8.15       12.16     (88)


Noosa Freeman 3, Free, Gilfillan, McCarthy

Maroochydore Hahn 2, Taylor 2, Faulkner, Holt, Jacka, Kerr, Laing, Scholard, Vivan, Wilso

Best Players


Maroochydore Joshua Wagner, Joshua Govan, Thomas Holt, William Jones, Hudson Vivian, Bailey Hahn



Redland Victoria Point v Mt Gravatt

Redland Victoria Point            7.7          15.13     22.19    31.25    (211)

Mt Gravatt                                        3.0         4.1         6.2         6.2         (38)


Redland Victoria Point Brown 7, Smith 6, Malone 5, Finch 3, Aston 2, Campbell 2, Hausfeld 2, Huddy, Johnson, Petterwood, Reilly

Mt Gravatt Seadon 2, Clare, Gambell, Staas

Best Players

Redland Victoria Point Craig Malone, Tyler Hausfeld, Brock Aston, Joshua Brown, William Johnson, Jake Chapman

Mt Gravatt Michael Gordon, Fletcher Clare, Arnold Conway, Kaeden Corboy



Sherwood v Aspley

Sherwood                        1.2          2.3         6.5         8.9         (57)

Aspley                                5.6         12.10     18.12     20.16    (136)


Sherwood Austin, Campbell, Chol, Fletcher, Hude, James, Mitchell, Utting

Aspley Dodge 3, Howson 3, Stackelberg 3, Harker 2, Henderson 2, Lonergan 2, Watson 2, Coombes, Hill, Stackelberg,

Best Players

Sherwood Will Fletcher, Liam Hude, Isaac McCarthy, Oliver Cruice, Jack James, Luke Mitchell

Aspley Cody Stackelberg, Daniel Henderson, Matthew Payne, Luke Saunders, Daine Macdonald, Tom Templeton


Surfers Paradise v Labrador

Surfers Paradise         3.1          3.2         7.3         9.9         (63)

Labrador                          3.1          5.9         6.11        11.12      (78)


Surfers Paradise Patten 2, Beardsell, Djurovitch, Jewell, jones, Moore, rekers, Shea

Labrador Anderson 2, Deegan 2, Goldsmith 2, Simpson 2, Derrington, Pearce, Young 

Best Players

Surfers Paradise Jack Brauman, Axel Moore, Jamison Shea, Joshua Nieass, Samuel Jewell, Hayden Crozier

Labrador Bailey Brown, Christian Webster, Darcy McEldrew, Tom Simpson, Mason Field, Lewis Deegan


Photo by Highflyer Images

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