The Western Magpies AFC have declared their intention to step away from the QAFL State League and instead return to the Pineapple Hotel Cup competition next season.

The Western Magpies AFC have declared their intention to step away from the QAFL State League and instead return to the Pineapple Hotel Cup competition next season.

In a media statement issued by Club Development Manager Anthony McDonald yesterday, the Magpies announced that following two difficult and winless seasons in the QAFL, the club has decided to return to Division 2 football and seek a license to compete in the Pineapple Hotel Cup for season 2011 and beyond.

The statement read:-

The club has not taken this decision lightly. However, the inability for the football club and the Sherwood District Australian Football Social Club to generate the required revenue to sustain a competitive existence in the existing QAFL, or the proposed Northern League, proved the major factor behind the decision.

Despite building an outstanding list of young talent combined with existing mature talent, the financial resources required to recruit the former AFL players necessary to compete successfully at the required level have not existed. This has resulted in the club’s inability to consistently compete in the QAFL at the required level.

The Western Magpies AFC recognises the efforts and dedication of its players, coaching and support staff over the past two seasons to bravely and continually battle against the odds given this lack of resources.

Despite this decision, the Western Magpies AFC are excited to announce a tremendous opportunity for its U21 players through a proposed alliance with the Brisbane Lions.

In consultation with AFL Queensland, the Western Magpies and the Brisbane Lions are working on an agreement that could see the Western Magpies supply top-up players to the Brisbane Lions Reserves side.

Such an alliance would resolve a number of issues resulting from the Western Magpies’ return to the Pineapple Cup.

AFL Queensland, now without a QAFL club in the Western Corridor, needs to maintain a player pathway for the talent in the area and does not want to see the Western Magpies’ young talent pillaged by other QAFL clubs.

The Western Magpies AFC want to retain the stocks of young talent the club has spent considerable time developing and continue to maintain a vibrant U18 Division 1 program.

Meanwhile the Brisbane Lions are looking for a smaller, more capable and consistent pool of young talent to draw its top up-players from, having utilised 61 top-up players from various regions in 2010.  

AFL Queensland, the Western Magpies AFC and the Brisbane Lions will make a further announcement when the agreement has been finalised.

Western Magpies AFC President Brian Knight said: “I am delighted that with the support and assistance of the AFL and the Brisbane Lions, we have been able to make a decision about where we should play our football and provide a tremendous pathway opportunity for the large talent pool produced by clubs in the Western Suburbs.“

“I cannot thank them enough for their help through this process.”

Brisbane Lions National Talent Manager Rob Kerr believes the potential alliance with the Western Magpies will be mutually beneficial for both clubs.

“Given the Sherwood region falls within the Brisbane Lions’ Talent Academy recruitment zone, we see an alliance with the Western Magpies as a great opportunity to strengthen our links with the football community in this region,” Kerr said.

“The alliance will give us access to a group of young players from the Western Magpies who can continue their own football development by being a regular part of our Reserves side.”

“In turn, this will also help us develop our own young recruits as it will help us field a more competitive Reserves grade team,” he said.  


AFLQ Football Operation Manager Martin King complimented the Magpies on their honest and frank assessment of their situation and endorsed the move back to the Pineapple Hotel Cup, and the proposed alignment with the Lions.

“This area of Brisbane remains an important strategic priority for the code and it is imperative that we continue to provide a quality pathway for young players,” King said.

“We thank everyone involved with the Magpies for their efforts at first division level over the past two years and trust they continue to enjoy their football in the second division,” he said.

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