Tuesday Talking Points – The best of

We are feeling a bit sentimental here in AFL Queensland media department this week, so we thought we would take you back to some of the best Tuesday Talking Points from 2015.


You’ve been warned (31/3)

Bond University has sent an early warning to its QAFA (A) opponents for 2015. The 2014 QAFA (B) South Premiers played some scintillating football in Saturdays Pool D Alpha Sport Pre-Season Cup grand final, using their leg speed to break the game open. Their six-goal to nil first quarter against Pine Rivers, last years QAFA (A) grand finalists, was set up through quick ball movement and pure pace. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the kids can run. Don’t expect a premiership hangover from the Sharks.

Can’t say we didn’t warn you. Bond University were ready to rock and roll from the pre-season this year. For the record, Bond went on to win the QAFA (A) grand final this year by 31-points, and were promoted into the QFA South for 2016.


The kids are alright (26/5)

There were two standout performances on the weekend in the Palm Beach vs. Western Magpies senior game, and they came from two 16 year olds. Sam Davidson and Samuel Copeland strutted their stuff on Saturday, playing football beyond their years and showing a few of the older blokes how it’s done. Copland booted four majors, in what looked to be a breakout game for the youngster, while Sam Davidson killed it in the middle.

Well done, boys.

P.S. Email of the week goes to Davidson’s Auntie Sylvia, who, judging by my inbox on Sunday morning, is very proud of her nephew’s performance on the weekend.

Still probably our favorite email of the year. A big Merry Christmas to Aunty Sylvia, and to Sam Davidson, looking forward to seeing him in action next year.

Is there a doctor on board? (16/5)

When Jack Taylor got a cut to the head in the first half of Surfers Paradise’s reserves game, you would have thought a quick trip to the hospital would be needed. Enter, Doctor Dion Lewis. He stitched up Taylor in the rooms during the half time break. Sounds pretty normal in a football club right? Think again. When Doctor Lewis was finished, he ran back out with the Surfers Paradise team to finish the game he was playing in. Talk about never being off the clock.


Timing is everything in life. I wonder how much he charged?


Who wore it better? (29/9)

There were a couple of familiar faces out running messages for the Wilston Grange reserves side in their grand final on Saturday. Both Matt Trewhella and Steve Brittain were looking dashing in their pink get ups at Yeronga, and it begged one question, who wore it better?


You know what they say, real men wear pink! They both looked dashing.

Law introduced to the big stage (14/7)

It’s been a big year for 17-year-old Shaleise Law, but this weekend, it’s about to get bigger. Already this year, the small forward from South Toowoomba was apart of the Queensland Youth Girls Team who finished second at the 2015 nationals, gaining All-Australian selection for her efforts. This Saturday, she takes the next step, making her senior debut for the Queensland Women’s team in their game against NSW/ACT at Blacktown.

Follow up (21/7)

In last week’s Tuesday Talking Points, I wrote that Shaleise Law was taking the next step in her career by debuting in the Queensland Women’s team. Don’t worry about just taking a step, she sprinted. Law finished with four goals in Queensland’s 47-point win over NSW/ACT, proving she belongs on the big stage.

The debut of the year. Shaleise Law is a name everyone should be very familiar with by now, because you are going to be hearing it a lot in years to come.


Is two weeks a trend? (25/8)

A draw in football these days is pretty unusual, to draw twice in two weeks is as rare as hen’s teeth, but that’s exactly what the Wilston Grange QAFL reserves have managed to do. The eerie thing about it was how similar both weeks were. In both games, a point was kicked in the final 15 seconds to level the scores, and before either team could have a crack at winning the game, the siren sounded.. Oh so close but oh so far has been taken to a new level by the Gorillas.

We still can’t believe it actually happened two weeks in a row. You’d struggle to find many players in Australia that have played in two draws in a row.


The haircut

When James Royes returned from a holiday during the week, he had added some interesting additions to the feathers on top. In a throw back to the 90’s hip-hop scene, Royes was rocking the cornrows. I wouldn’t be ripping them out any time soon though; Royes was instrumental in the middle in Broadbeach’s win over Morningside on Sunday afternoon. He may have just found his home, and his permanent hairstyle.conrows

This had to be included just because of the effort that went into the artwork. Someone will sell that for millions one day.


The ‘stache (15/9)

From frocks to dreadlocks, the AFL Queensland Community Football Awards had it all last night, and everyone in attendance looked great. One certain facial feature stole the show though; George Fitzgibbon’s mustache. It was a cross between a 70’s film star and the lead character in My Name is Earl, and certainly got chins wagging. It must be effective though; Fitzgibbon took out the QAFA (B) Central Goal Kicking Award three days after he won the flag.

He is the one at the top right of this photo. Can’t miss it, really.


I think the expression on his face adds to the whole look so much more. Gold.


The ultimate mad Monday arrival 29/9

No doubt about it, the Mad Monday costumes are a highlight of post season celebrations. From Joel Selwood and Jimmy Bartel rocking up as Mick Fanning and the shark, to the bloke who buys the $10 costume from Spotlight, we see it all. But yesterday at Morningside, we might have just seen the best ever, and that’s not something I say lightly. Adam McDonald, known around the Panthers traps as the jockey, decided to embrace this tag, and rock up on the back of a horse in silks. No, I’m not kidding, there was a horse trotting around Jack Esplen Oval yesterday. Check out his entrance here:

Still as good to watch now as it was when it happened. It’s pretty disappointing he wasn’t given a cup at the end of it, deserved it after that ride.


A few mates with a few medals 3/11

Way back 20 years ago, three mates laced up the boots to have a kick together in the under 6’s. 20 years later, they shared a senior premiership together at that same club. Jack McGill, Blake Wallis and Andrew Sponneck, who were all Springwood juniors, walked away from the 2015 QFA South Grand Final with premiership medals around their necks, and a bond that will never be broken. In fact, they were three of nine players in the 2015 Springwood premiership side that played junior footy at the club. They breed them well down there.


Without doubt this was the feel good story of the finals series. Imagine sharing that with two of your closest mates. It will have created a bond that will be tough to ever break.

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