Townsville City hits Quality Club bronze

By Grant Hitzman

The Townsville City Lions have reached new heights, receiving Bronze level accreditation in the Swisse Quality Club Program as well as moving to to Level 2 of the Goodsports program.

The Lions are only the third club in Townsville to reach a level of accreditation in the Quality Club Program and according to club president, Jonny Freeman, it has meant absolutely everything to himself, the club and players.

“Getting this accreditation has been massive for us, more so than most clubs. In 2008 we were $17,000 in debt and there was no one to run the club. That’s when I came in and we have clawed our way back. We put new systems in place, employed new people and now we have our own ground and money saved. This accreditation is recognition for some really hard work,” Freeman said

And the next step according to the heartfelt President is the opportunity to attain silver and gold accreditation.

“There are some great benefits when you get to those levels, so if it is possible for us to get there, we will have a crack. Anything that is positive for the club we will at least have a go at.”

The Lions also reached Level 2 of the Goodsports program this week, which displays their application of enhanced bar management, food and drink options, safe transport policy and diverse revenue generation. 

The program, which provides free support to sporting clubs to change their culture and reduce high risk drinking, is something not to miss out on according to Freeman.

“Coming from Victoria, this program was really embraced there and I think it’s important to be a part of. The program helps our club focus more on young people, families and sport participation and less on drinking. It’s really valuable,” Freeman said.

With the help of Freeman, the Lions have done a remarkable job turning the club around in the past 5 years. He had some final advice for developing or struggling clubs looking to involve themselves in community programs.

“Head to the AFL Community Club, find out what you can and hand in as many forms as possible through your local council. Keep persisting, success will come.”

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