Workshop to kick off U18 competition review

AFL Queensland will hold an U18 AFL Queensland Competition Workshop as part of proposed potential changes to the state’s community football structure.

AFL Queensland Community Football Manager, Cherie Brockwell, said the workshop was the first step in a consultation process to determine the best way forward for the U18 Competition.

“Key club administrators and AFL Queensland staff will meet in the coming weeks to share ideas, identify problems and possible solutions for the next phase of our competition structures,” said Brockwell.

“This is not about determining final structures; it is about coming up with options and ideas that we can present to all the clubs for consideration.”

AFL Queensland are conducting a full review of community football and this workshop follows on from recent meetings between AFL Queensland and Allied Pickfords Cup and SEQAFL Division two and three clubs to discuss possible competition changes, and allow clubs to offer suggestions and feedback on any of these.

In this meeting, the community football administration presented its community football vision for 2014 -2017 to the various clubs, for them to take back to their various stakeholders for consideration.

These discussions are the beginning an ongoing process of two-way dialogue with the SEQAFL clubs, with clubs allowed until August 12 to submit proposals on where they think they sit in a new structure.

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