The Toyota Good for Footy Round Returns in 2018

 This year, as a part of the Good for Footy Round initiative, 18 worthy grassroots clubs across Australia have been selected to pair with one of the 18 AFL teams – and for every goal kicked by their aligned AFL team, the grassroots club will pocket $250, thanks to Toyota.

 Toyota is aiming to kick money into grassroots clubs across Australia with the Carrara Australian Rules Football Club and the Brisbane Rattlers Football Club from Queensland have both been selected to participate.

The action on the field will have a direct impact on the clubs that allow the game to grow at a community level, and while the current superstars of the game are on the ground fighting it out, the local diehards can watch on in hope that their club scores.

Each of the selected clubs have a unique story about what their club means to their members, and Toyota is passionate about ensuring they receive the support they need.

The Carrara Australian Rules Football Club and the Brisbane Rattlers understand the important of fundraising in keeping grassroots clubs with thriving, particularly in the heartland of rugby league!

All clubs involved need the additional funds to safeguard their future, ensuring the game is accessible for all, no matter who you are or where you live.

Committed to helping grow Aussie Rules football from the grassroots up, Toyota has given away over $5 million since 2008 through their Good for Footy program.

Last year through the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, 418 grassroots clubs across the country raised a huge $682k, that they used to upgrade facilities, buy new equipment and subsidise playing fees, to make the game of footy a little more accessible for all.  In Queensland alone, the raffle helped 52 clubs raise over $73,000!

We’ll all be watching the games this weekend in anticipation, as for the grassroots clubs involved, a goal this week is worth much more than just six points.

For more information on the Toyota Good for Footy Round, please contact Bridget Lane on (03) 9575 5707 or

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