Tom Thynne jumps into third spot after ten Syd Guildford votes in Round 11

By Ant Wingard   @AntWingard

Palm Beach Currumbin midfielder Tom Thynne has staked his claim for the 2018 Syd Guildford Trophy after polling a maximum ten votes in the Lions’ Round 11 win over Sandgate.

Thynne produced a clinical performance in Palm Beach Currumbin’s 140-point victory over the Hawks, claiming the maximum votes from both coaches for his efforts.

His ten-vote game – the first time he has done so this year – sees him continue up the Syd Guildford leader board and into third place overall.

Thynne’s accomplishment heralded a near-clean sweep by the Lions in their Round 11 fixture.

Jordan Harding (one vote) was the lone Hawk to poll in a game where John Anthony (eight), Tyler Cornish (six), James Holland, Dale Neuhaus (both two) and Jason Burge (one) also claimed votes.

Thynne’s ascent to third wasn‘t the only change to the top three as Campbell Wearne moved into second place overall.

Wearne polled seven votes in Morningside’s ten-point loss to Surfers Paradise, overtaking Demon Cassidy Haberfield (two votes) who he went head to head with for most of the game.

Youngster Alby Jones enjoyed a breakout game across half-back as both he and Paddy Rankin polled five votes each.

Demon pair Conor Manning (four) and Brody Haberfield (three), along with Panther goal sneak James Rayner (three) also claimed votes.

Benji Neal was the clear standout performer at Subaru Oval on Saturday, polling 9 votes in the match.

Syd Guildford leader Blake Erickson claimed just two votes in the win alongside Brandon Chadwick (four). Matt Fowler (three) and Magpies trio Ryan Harwood (five), Kale Reed (four) and Riley Easton (three).

Mt Gravatt forward Sam Stubbs made a successful return to QAFL football for 2018, polling the maximum ten votes in his first game of the season.

Stubbs kicked seven goals for the Vultures in their win over Wilston Grange at Dittmer Park, producing countless highlights across the four quarters.

The Vultures’ dominance in the contest was reflected in the Syd Guildford votes as the side enjoyed a clean sweep.

Frazer Neale (eight), Jarrod Huddy (four), Todd Carbone (three) and Christopher Murphy (three) were among Stubbs’ teammates to receive votes.


The Syd Guildford Trophy is awarded to the player judged the best in the competition by the QAFL’s nine coaches.

Voting is conducted by each coach post-game on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis. As such, the maximum amount of votes a single player can earn in a game is 10.

In a change from previous years, votes are cumulative. Updates of the Syd Guildford Medal voting will be published on the AFL Queensland website for the first 14 rounds of the season, however following Round 14, votes will go blind.

The winner will be announced at the Grogan Medal Dinner on September 16.

See the full Round 1 votes below:


Broadbeach v Western Magpies

9 – Benji Neal (BB)

5 – Ryan Harwood (WM)

4 – Brandon Chadwick (BB)

4 – Kale Reed (WM)

3 – Riley Easton (WM)

3 – Matthew Fowler (BB)

2 – Blake Erickson (BB)


Surfers Paradise v Morningside

7 – Campbell Wearne (Morn)

5 – Alby Jones (SP)

5 – Paddy Rankin (SP)

4 – Conor Manning (SP)

3 – Brody Haberfield (SP)

3 – James Rayner (Morn)

2 – Cassidy Haberfield (SP)

1 – Daniel Green (SP)


Mt Gravatt v Wilston Grange

10 – Samuel Stubbs (Mt G)

8 – Frazer Neate (Mt G)

4 – Jarrod Huddy (Mt G)

3 – Todd Carbone (Mt G)

3 – Christopher Murphy (Mt G)

1 – Kailem Baker (Mt G)

1 – Jasper Craven (Mt G)


Palm Beach Currumbin v Sandgate

10 – Thomas Thynne (PBC)

8 – John Anthony (PBC)

6 – Tyler Cornish (PBC)

2 – James Holland (PBC)

2 – Dale Neuhaus (PBC)

1 – Jason Burge (PBC)

1 – Jordan Harding (Sand)



43 – Blake Erickson (BB)

41 – Campbell Wearne (Morn)

37 – Thomas Thynne (PBC)

36 – Cassidy Haberfield (SP)

31 – Dyson Budarick (Lab)

28 – Jarryd Douglas (PBC)

26 – Nathan Beck (Morn)

26 – Jayden Crawley (Mt G)

25 – Ryan Harwood (WM)

24 – Bryce Retzlaff (Lab)

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