Wednesday 23 February 2011

The reputation of Palm Beach-Currumbin high school on the Gold Coast as an outstanding AFL program continues to glow, with sponsors adding further lustre.

Sports psychology workshops, new training equipment including heart rate monitors, and 40 new Sherrins are among the added benefits of the 2011 AFL Sports Excellence Program at Palm Beach Currumbin.

Three local businesses have added some powerful backing to the excellence program.

Former PBC student and now managing director of MattElectric, Matt Hanley, has committed to a three-year deal as ‘Program Partner’.

His substantial support of the program also includes the funding of sport psychology workshops for the senior group, player scholarships and the provision of work experience opportunities for PBC students with his ever expanding electrical company.

Trent Williams from the Palm Beach branch of the Bank of Queensland has again signed on as major sponsor.

The BOQ branch sponsorship will provide a scholarship to the most promising Year 10  player to enable them to continue their studies and football development at PBC.

Ian Fraser from Fraser Financial Services is another former student who has decided to put something back into his old school.

His support will directly assist the junior component of the program through the purchase of new footballs.

Fraser value adds to the school by acting as a guest speaker in senior economics and financial literacy classes.

“The continued support of local businesses coupled with a strong work ethic from both the coaching staff and students will ensure the AFL program continues to succeed in the future,” said longtime program manager Neil Mackay.

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