QAFL Mid-Season Review

Chris ‘Yeendy’ Yeend

The next month of football is going to be a major period for the QAFL competition with the top six far from settled. While Aspley and Redland Victoria Point lead the competition in the top two places; teams from 3rd to 11th can mathematically still make the top six and the next month is going to play a key part in shaping who plays in the business end of the season.
1 – ASPLEY | 7-0-1 – (30 – 214.99%)
Next 4 Games – Palm Beach Currumbin (H); Wilston Grange (A); Labrador (H); Morningside (A)

The Hornets have not done a lot wrong this year in their quest for back-to-back premierships. There is a good argument to be made that this team is a lot better than last season when they won the QAFL premiership with the return of a few key faces.
Losing Ryan Banks-Smith hasn’t hurt the team at all; and the delayed start to Connor Stackleberg’s season due to injury has been well covered.
It’s unlikely that this team will drop a game in the next four weeks although they will be challenged across each contest by teams ranked from 3-8. Palm Beach Currumbin could be the one to cause the biggest threat simply due to the tight defensive style it plays that could trouble Aspley’s attacking game style.
2 – REDLAND VICTORIA POINT | 6-2-0 (24 – 137.88%)
Next 4 Games – Labrador (H); Morningside (A); Surfers Paradise (A); Sherwood (H)

Beating Noosa on the road this past weekend has definitely helped the Sharks rebound and get back on the winners’ list after losing two games at home. The next three games will be a big test; especially with Labrador at home this weekend, a team that beat them at The Tank by five-goals last year; Morningside will bounce back to some positive form as it gets some players back; and Surfers Paradise on the road will be a challenge because that is the team that will give the contenders a real shake this season; and Sherwood is still a side in development.
The Sharks should go 4-0 at their best but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it dropped one along the way.
3 – WILSTON GRANGE | 5-3-0 (20 – 120.18%)
Next 4 Games – Morningside (H); Aspley (H); Mt Gravatt (A); Noosa (H)

We’re finally seeing the full talent on display that this team has in buckets. The win against Broadbeach was massive on the weekend; especially without Matt Eagles in the team. That win has turned the competition on its head.
The next two weeks will be a challenge; but a win against the rebounding Morningside will help. Aspley will be a great challenge and expect wins against the Vultures and Northern Tigers in tight matches.
The Gorillas; if they play their cards right; could achieve 3-1 over the next month and lock up a place in the finals before the Round 14 bye.
4 – MORNINGSIDE | 5-3-0 (20 – 102.21%)
Next 4 Games – Wilston Grange (A); Redland Victoria Point (H); Palm Beach Currumbin (A); Aspley (H)

This will be a tough month for Paul Egan and his team and we’ll see exactly where they’re at after the next month is finished. This team has the capacity to challenge all teams over the next month. The matches against the Sharks and Hornets will just need to see this group compete and be in the contest for four quarters; while games against the Gorillas and Lions will be massive because those two teams because of the three; one of them could miss out on finals; so who-ever wins those matches will be massive.
If Panthers are to play finals this year; as a minimum, it must be 2-2 after the next month; 1-3 at worst to keep the door ajar.
5 – PALM BEACH CURRUMBIN | 5-3-0 (20 – 89.59%)
Next 4 Games – Aspley (A); Noosa (H); Morningside (H); Broadbeach (A)

This is a massive month for the Lions. Aspley isn’t impossible; a win over Noosa at home is more likely; and on present form; it would be favoured to beat Morningside and Broadbeach.
The Lions could be anywhere from 3-1 to 0-4 in the next month; which is why this month will dictate if Jess Sinclair can guide this team into the finals.
6 – BROADBEACH | 4-3-1 (18 – 107.41%)
Next 4 Games – Maroochydore (A); Sherwood (H); Noosa (A); Palm Beach Currumbin (H).

After losing its last two games and with a terrible run of mid-to-long term injuries; the 2021 premiers are experiencing a tough run at present and all of a sudden; appear more vulnerable now than in previous seasons.
The Cats could very well be 4-0 after the next month, that’s just how good this club is off the field to generate on-field success. However, for a team teetering on the edge of the top six; this team will head up to the Sunshine coast in two of three weeks which is tough for anyone.
The only guaranteed victory is against Sherwood; the only other team that has a worse injury list than them. Noosa and Maroochydore have been in okay touch but should the Cats get over them, it will be business as usual for Craig and his team as they plan another finals campaign.
7 – SURFERS PARADISE | 4-4-0 (16 – 110.46%)
Next 4 Games – Sherwood (A); Mt Gravatt (H); Redland Victoria Point (H); Labrador (A)

Believe in the hype for Matt Lappin and his Demons. The win over Maroochydore last week is just a sample of what this team is made of.
The biggest hurdle in the next month is against Redland Victoria Point; but it is still gettable. This team could at least go 3-1 over the next month but 4-0 is quite achievable. The match against Labrador is going to be massive.
8 – LABRADOR | 4-4-0 (16 – 101%)
Next 4 Games – Redland Victoria Point (A); Maroochydore (A); Aspley (A); Surfers Paradise (H)

This will be a tough run for the Southern Tigers with three road trips to start June. Lachlan Henderson’s presence in the team will be major especially if he misses with injury.
The match with the Sharks this weekend is very winnable especially with their 0-2 record at home in recent weeks and the fact that they did beat the Sharks at The Tank in their last visit in 2021.
The road trip to Maroochydore will be tough and again to Aspley which will be challenging. The game against Surfers Paradise will be massive. Coach Clint Watts is a genuine fighter and no game is impossible to win. Must be 2-2 over the next month if finals is a chance; with Broadbeach needing to drop one or more games along the way.
9 – MT GRAVATT | 3-5-0 (12 – 81.92%)
Next 4 Games – Noosa (H); Surfers Paradise (A); Wilston Grange (H); Maroochydore (A)

It’s a tough road for the Vultures over the next month however; all games are still winnable. Matches with Noosa and Maroochydore will be massive and they can both be beaten; Surfers Paradise is gettable and Wilston Grange is still building and can be torn down.
A 1-3 run over the next month is a bit more likely; but 2-2 is a big possibility.
10 – MAROOCHYDORE | 2-6-0 (8 – 82.34%)
Next 4 Games – Broadbeach (H); Labrador (H); Sherwood (A); Mt Gravatt (H)

Maroochydore’s fate is in its hands. At its best; it can win all four games and keep that slim finals’ hopes alive.
The biggest game over the next month is this weekend to Broadbeach at home; the winner of that game will either boost the Cats into a more solid position and lock out the teams trying to crack into the top six; or a win from the Roos will launch them into a more prominent position to win the next three games.
The Roos are like the 770 page Steve Waugh Autobiography; hard to read but there is some good bits in there. At its potential it goes 4-0. Splitting the games seems more likely.
11 – NOOSA | 2-6-0 (8 – 77.11%)
Next 4 Games – Mt Gravatt (A); Palm Beach Currumbin (A); Broadbeach (H); Wilston Grange (A)

The Northern Tigers have shown rapid improvement over the past month of football with two big wins and a solid outing against the Sharks.
The win against Labrador recently opened up the door of opportunity to beat teams on the fringe of the top six which means the Lions and Cats are more than gettable and even Wilston Grange.
Noosa could go 4-0 or 0-4 and anywhere in between; very hard to predict just because recent signs have been good and it can’t be underestimated on how impressive that effort against the Sharks on the weekend was.
12 – SHERWOOD | 0-8-0 (0 – 54.56%)
Next 4 Games – Surfers Paradise (H); Broadbeach (A); Maroochydore (H); Redland Victoria Point (A)

The Pies have been hit harder with injuries more than any other team in the competition with more than a dozen from its best 22 to miss larger chunks of the season and players stepping in from the Reserves also getting injured.
The one thing that can’t be questioned is the heart that this team shows and it will show a lot of heart against all four opponents in the coming weeks.
Sherwood is a danger game for every team as an upset isn’t impossible. Don’t be surprised to see this group take a scalp in the next three weeks, especially against the Roos which may put an end to their finals hopes.

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