Garbutt Magpies soar at Qld Reconciliation Awards

The Garbutt Magpies Sporting and Cultural Association have been recognised at the 2023 Queensland Reconciliation Awards for the fantastic work they do within their community through sport.

The Garbutt Magpies have strong ties to First Nations practices and create and extend traditional song and storylines in the contemporary world through positive sporting and cultural activities.

Through the Magpies’ School Cup, North Queensland First Nations Cricket Carnival, cultural camps, community participation in NAIDOC Day and Mabo Day, the organisation has increased participation in Reconciliation Action Plans with local businesses and community organisations.

The club was recognised for its ability to create an identity of positive experiences based on the Kukatja saying “Mariakarti nyawa, kurranyu nyinama” – “Look back if you want to go forward”.

The organisation is intergenerational and proactive in the reconciliation process and has successfully built a community sporting club that encompasses traditional practices and cultural education.

President Randal Ross said the club was extremely proud of the award.

“It shows all our hard work is finally paying off, all the activities and community projects we’ve been involved in with the kids are working,” he said.

“It’s all thanks to the tireless work and efforts from all of those currently involved and the legacy of our elders.

“We dedicate this award to all our elders and the families of Garbutt Magpies. It’s all about keeping their legacy alive.”

North West Remote Health, as part of the Innovate RAP Strategy, utilised their Speech Pathologists Team to develop a Childrens Book for National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day for the school children of Palm Island participating in the Garbutt Magpies Cup which came second in the Health and Wellbeing category.

Two players from Palm Island have since been selected in the North Queensland AFL Primary Schools representative team.

“That’ is huge for us and a big opportunity for those players,” Ross said.

“It’s a great example of the AFL and First Nations working together.”


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