QAFL Friday Forecast: Prelim Final

Wilston Grange vs. Morningside
Saturday 19 September, 2:00pm – Leyshon Park


Coach vs. Coach, the KPI’s

Matt Trewhella: Last week is out of their minds, this week, it’s about getting back to playing the footy that got them to this point. Trewhella will be looking for the dash, for the dare, taking the game on, and just having a crack. The Gorillas have looked the most dangerous this year when they have thrown caution to the wind, which will be what is expected of them again tomorrow.

David Lake: Tomorrow’s first quarter will be titled quarter five. Lake will be looking for the Panthers to take what they did in the last quarter last week, and bring that heat from the opening bounce tomorrow.

As for the where the game will be won or lost, Lake has placed a huge focus around the contested element of this one. At the forefront of the Panthers’ mind will winning the stoppages.


Things to look for

  1. The trigger: Both teams this year have been excellent at pulling the trigger when going forward to open the game up. If the chance is their to take a few risks, get on their bikes, and get the ball moving forward, they will take it. It should make for some scintillating football.
  1. Russ at the bottom of a pack: With the game in the balance last week, Lachie Russ strapped the Panthers to his back and went to work. If the game is tight down the stretch, watch for Russ to bury himself at the bottom of contest, and will his team forward.
  1. Abey vs. Penny: It will be the battle of the day. If Kent Abey plays deep, Anthony Penny will be the man in his hip pocket. Abey has wound back the clock in the first two weeks of the finals, marking nearly everything that comes his way. Penny will have to turn this one in a wrestle at the ball, not allowing Abey to get on the move. How this one plays out will go a long way to determining the result.


Last time they met

In Round 11, Wilston Grange got ran over the top of Morningside by 24-points. The Gorillas kicked eight last quarter goals to the Panthers one, to turn around an 18-point three quarter time deficit.

Their comeback all started in the middle, with Foster, Kuret and Brittain, who played as good a quarter together as any other combination this year.


What’s changed?

These two teams are in very different places since the last time they met. For Wilston Grange, it was this win that threw them into premiership contention. Since then, their ran and carry has gone to another level, and the belief in the group has come on leaps and bounds.

For Morningside, it was after the round 11 game that their attention turned to the contested side of things. It was an area they needed to improve, and they have. Fletcher, Kinch, Russ and Delbridge have all helped them develop that hard nose required.


The ticking time bomb

Steve Brittain is the barometer of this game. If he gets his hands on the footy in the middle, the Gorillas will kick a score. If Brittain can’t work his way into things early, Morningside will be on top. He has got a big 120 minutes ahead of him tomorrow.


Coach’s thoughts

Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“I brought all the players in, I thought that nothing is going to come from me yelling at these guys, I was frustrated with my own game, so I said we have made it this far, we deserve our spot in the prelim, lets move on.

“What we took from it, and the part we did discuss was what we need to do better this week, and what can’t happen.

“We had a pool session on Tuesday, it’s been a while since we have had a break. Last night everyone looked fresh, and in the rain last night we trained well.

“I thought our group just didn’t fully understand the situation. I spoke last night about how infrequent these opportunities have come around at this club; I think 1988 was the last time they were in a QAFL prelim. It wasn’t to scare them; I just wanted them to fully understand how important it is.

“We can’t let them get the space they like. They are exceptional at creating space, and all their best players are in form at the moment.

“Stoppages are important, but we just can’t let them take the ball from end to end uncontested, it’s paramount we have got some physical pressure on them.

“Composure controlling the ball from a contested to a non contested situation is key.

“We were very predictable, and I don’t want to lose a final being predictable, I would rather go down taking the game on.”


David Lake – Morningside

“We are unchanged, up and about, and we are in a good, happy place.

“(We learnt last week that) you don’t need to wait until the last quarter, when everything is on the line, to find something. You need to start like that, and enjoy the game.

“The biggest thing for me was if you can do that, why would you wait, that needs to be your mantra.

“We need to follow on and play the fifth quarter; to head back to Yeronga and pick up where you left off.

“Contested footy and tackling pressure will be key, because the rest doesn’t happen without that.

“I think there will be an element of in tight contested footy. I hope there is, we are on top of that part of our game at the moment. We are good on the inside, which we weren’t. We have developed that hard edge.

“We are enjoying that part instead of trying to find it, and the right players are executing at the right time.

“As a club, we need to win the day.”



Wilston Grange: OUT McDonnell, Proud IN Warren, Penny

Morningside: Unchanged



Wilston Grange by four points

By Andrew Wiles@andrewjwiles

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