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By Chris ‘Yeendy’ Yeend


Meetings – 2023

Round 19

Palm Beach Currumbin 7.10.52 defeated Maroochydore 2.6.18

Qualifying Final

Maroochydore 7.11.53 defeated Palm Beach Currumbin 7.8.50



High score – 26.17.173 v Labrador – Round 11

Lowest score – 2.6.18 v PBC – Round 19

Highest winning margin – 167 points v Labrador – Round 11

Wins – 15

100 points or more in a game – 6


Top 5 Goals

1 – Koby Young (32)

2 – Tyler Whiteley (28)

3 – Maxmimus Prendergast and Jayden Banks (17)

5 – Deklen Faulkner and Bailey Hahn (14)


Results against teams that finished in the top six

W – Aspley (+6), Broadbeach (+19), Sherwood (+9), Aspley (+45), Wilston Grange (+16), PBC (+3)

Wins – 6 | 98 – ave. 16

L – Broadbeach (-28), Wilston Grange (-18), PBC (-18)

Losses – 3 | 64 – ave. 21



High score – 19.14.128 v Noosa – Round 11

Lowest score – 2.12.24 v Aspley – Round 3

Highest winning margin – 112 points v Noosa – Round 11

Wins – 18

100 points or more in a game – 6


Top 5 Goals

1 – Luke Cahill (36)

2 – Macklin Johnson (26)

3 – Charles Elliott (25)

4 – Tai Hayes (23)

5 – Jack Stringer (16)


Results against teams that finished in the top six

W – Sherwood (+59), Broadbeach (+70), Aspley (+41), Broadbeach (+20), Wilston Grange (+30), Maroochydore (+34), Sherwood (+48), Broadbeach (+4)

Wins – 8 | 306 – ave. 38

L- Aspley (-14), Maroochydore (-3)

Losses – 2 | 17 – ave. 8.5



Is this Palm Beach Currumbin team better than the one that tasted premiership success in 2022?

I’d say most likely. We’ve seen a well balanced team across all key areas of the ground take on and conquer every team this season. Last year’s group had the likes of Jed Walter floating around at training which would have inspired the younger generation of players, but to see the likes of Tai Hayes, Luke Cahill, and Jack Stringer become household names in the competition and going to that next level, is a testament of the growth within this group.

Does the straight-sets exit from the finals last year still haunt Maroochydore?

No, absolutely not. This group showed again why it is one of the premier teams in the competition with a lot of its talent playing Senior football, and to a good standard and another young gun – Brad McDonald, play VFL football. If anything, having that experience has only strengthened this group and it came well-prepared when it took on Palm Beach Currumbin in week two of the finals this year; a team that defeated it in the same game last year.

What can the impact of two close finals have on this PBC group?

Very positive. To lose in week two of the finals by less than a kick against Maroochydore hurt, but to back it up and respond when it was hunted deep into the final term by Broadbeach and still come out winners, shows that some key lessons were learned from the loss to Maroochydore.

Biggest influence on the Palm Beach Currumbin team within the group?

Luke Cahill is the player to watch. He has had a massive season kicking 44 goals from 16 games including four goals in a stunning performance against Morningside in just his second game. He kicked 44 goals from 21 games last year and one goal from two games in the finals. He kicked three goals in his lone game in the finals last week against Broadbeach. Look out for number 75.

Who will be the key force for Maroochydore?

Bailey Hahn has so much upside to his game. While his dad was a stand-out in the AFL system; Bailey has carved out a great name for himself as a player and has held key roles at Senior level. The best football is ahead of him. This was a tough question because Hunter Moore would be the next player in line. His four-goal performance against the Lions in week two of the finals was outstanding. He has Senior experience under his belt alongside five games in the Coates Talent competition for the Brisbane Lions. This group of players is producing something special.

Who wins and why?

This is the toughest Grand Final of the day to tip. Palm Beach Currumbin has a wonderful list; many of whom tasted premiership success in 2022. Maroochydore finished in the top two for the second year running. It hasn’t had a full-strength side for most of its campaign with a lot of talent playing Senior football, which can either go with you in terms of overall talent in this game or go against you in terms of the group not playing lots of football together.

Palm Beach Currumbin has done nothing wrong this season and is the most complete team of the 2023 Colts competition that will serve as a great stepping stone for its group to play Senior and VFL football from 2024 onwards.


Tip – Palm Beach Currumbin – 7 points

Best on ground – Luke Cahill (Palm Beach Currumbin)

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