By Chris ‘Yeendy’ Yeend


Meetings – 2023

Round 8

Aspley 12.9.81 defeated Redland Victoria Point 7.9.51

Round 20

Aspley 17.16.118 defeated Redland Victoria Point 9.9.63

Semi Final

Aspley 17.9.111 defeated Redland Victoria Point 8.7.55



High score – 20.11.131 v Mt Gravatt – Round 7

Lowest score – 8.5.53 v Broadbeach – Round 16

Highest winning margin – 90 points v Labrador – Round 12

Wins- 16

100 points or more in a game – 12


Top 5 Goals

1 – Connor Stackleberg (73)

2 – Nick Dodge (32)

3 – Jono Freeman (28)

4 – Tom Watson (26)

5 – Will Peppin (19)


Results against teams that finished in the top six

Wins – PBC (+42), Wilston Grange (+67), RVP (+30), PBC (+63), Wilston Grange (+69), RVP (+55), Surfers Paradise (+18), RVP (+56)

W – 8 | 400 – ave. 50 points

Losses – Broadbeach (-47),

L – 1 | 47 points

Draw – Broadbeach



High score – 23.12.150 v Morningside – Round 11

Lowest score – 6.6.42 v Broadbeach – Round 17

Highest winning margin – 130 points v Morningside – Round 11

Wins – 15

100 points or more in a game – 11


Top 5 Goals

1 – Matt Hammelmann (101)

2 – Josh Brown (50)

3 – Jack Rolls (19)

4 – Dean Benson (17)

5 – Jarrod Huddy (15)

Results against teams that finished in the top six

Wins – Broadbeach (+22), Surfers Paradise (+20), PBC (+59), Wilston Grange (+40),

W – 4 | 141 ave. 35 points

Losses – PBC (-15), Aspley (-30), Broadbeach (-9), Aspley (-55), Aspley (-56)

L – 5 | 155 ave. 31


Key Stats that matter


Aspley – Brandon Batchelor (110), Coen Harker (93)

RVP – Silvelio Lemana-Pakau (135), Brock Aston (134)

Contested Marks

Aspley – Liam Dawson (58), Jono Freeman (36)

RVP – Adrian Williams (48), Matt Hammelmann (34)

Marks inside 50

Aspley – Connor Stackleberg (107), Nick Dodge (42)

RVP – Matt Hammelmman (119), Josh Brown (44)


Aspley – Reece Toye (342), Brandon Batchelor (340)

RVP – Brock Aston (669), Caleb Franks (535)

Inside 50s

Aspley – Brandon Batchelor (92), Coen Harker (73)

RVP – Brock Aston (141), Caleb Franks (90)


Aspley – Coen Harker (81), Jordon Arnold (56)

RVP – Brad Murdock (128), Brock Aston (108)


Aspley – Will Wolbers (842), Jono Freeman (188)

RVP – Jarrod Huddy (509), Silvelio Lemana-Pakau (149)



How much pressure is there on Aspley to secure back-to-back premierships and what comparisons can be seen from Broadbeach who tried to do the same last year?

There is always going to be external pressure when teams like Aspley (23) and Broadbeach (22) have enjoyed such spectacular seasons up until Grand Final day, but internally, that’s just background noise. This is just another game for Aspley and its record against the best teams in the competition reflects its overall dominance of the season. Broadbeach went through the season undefeated in 2022, and stumbled to a team that was better prepared, Aspley.

How important was Aspley’s loss to Labrador late in the season?

In a word, extremely. Aspley was well beaten across the day and often second to the ball and not making the most of its chances. It proved to the competition and even to the team itself that it can be beaten. After that Round 19 loss, it beat RVP by 55 and 56 points; and took down a red-hot Surfers Paradise. Perhaps it was the loss it needed to have because it responded in perfect fashion since then.

Matt Hammelmann kicked his 100th goal for the season in the Preliminary Final last week; how important was it that it happened then and not on Grand Final day?

It’s hard as a team, even for Matt himself to not think about just kicking those one or two goals needed to reach the century, in a Grand Final. The fact that it happened last week, and at home, was pretty special. If he reached that feat in the Grand Final and the game was in the balance, in the time it takes for team mates and supporters to celebrate the moment, it could kill off some genuine momentum. Now Matt and the team can focus on the team achievements.

Will RVP feel any pressure having not defeated Aspley this year?

Wins across the season against the team that you’ll play off in a Grand Final help, but Phil Carse and his team will be looking back at what can be done to improve the match-ups in the team’s favour from the Semi Final; and then by extension look back at the result last week. Aspley has won all three meetings, but that’s in the past now, you’d think.

Who is going to be more dominant in the similar sort of role for their respective teams; Liam Dawson of Aspley or Adrian Williams of RVP?

When Dawson missed the State clash against Tasmania, we saw Williams really shine in a major role and provided a clear indication of just how good he is. Dawson is outstanding with intercept marks, but Williams is a better effective spoiler, similar to a Josh Gibson type when he was at Hawthorn. Dawson won the medal for best on ground in last year’s decider in the most obvious choice in quite some time; so perhaps he may read the ground and game style better.

Is Aspley a better team this year than last year?

Absolutely. The depth in this list with few injuries to key personnel and the strength of its Reserves team that is also playing on Grand Final day, it’s a testament to the strength of this club from top to bottom, something that wasn’t so evident last year – even though the Reserves made it to a Preliminary final. There is more talent littered across the club this year and a Senior premiership grows that talent.

Let’s be bold, is this Redland Victoria Point’s last shot with this list?

After the change in the NEAFL/VFL, this Senior squad has had so much potential and it would be a fair comment to say that with the talent, it just hasn’t had the success that it’s capable of, and that’s in no disrespect to any other team. This group has a fantastic backline, midfield and sensational forward line; statistics back all of that up; so this team must deliver this year in its first Grand Final after a few narrow misses to the big dance. Should it go down in the decider this year, with all of the work over the previous three seasons – it’s going to take a lot more work to get back to the promised land again and take the title.

Who has more influence, Connor Stackleberg of Aspley or Matt Hammelmann of Redland Victoria Point?

Matt Hammelmann will probably kick more goals than Connor on the day because the ball goes to him a lot more inside 50 and he is great with his conversions, but Connor doesn’t need to have a major influence for Aspley to win and he perhaps doesn’t play as deep as his opposition full forward. Fans will be hoping for perfect conditions and both kick a few goals each.

Who wins and why?

Aspley has been the best team all season and it deserves to be. It has been here before, it knows what to expect and it has the runs on the board against RVP. The result will mean a lot more if RVP wins because of just missing out in recent seasons. Its best is the best in the competition, it’s worst is still a bit of a stretch south. Aspley contains a smaller gap between its best and worst; but winning the premiership last year has been crucial to that.


Tip – Aspley 24-points

Best on Ground – Brandon Batchelor

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