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By Chris ‘Yeendy’ Yeend


Meetings – 2023

Round 1

Broadbeach 12.8.80 defeated Aspley 7.9.51

Round 16

Broadbeach 15.12.102 defeated Aspley 2.10.22

Qualifying Final

Broadbeach 13.9.87 defeated Aspley 7.13.55



High score – 20.18.138 v Labrador – Round 21

Lowest score – 6.4.40 v Maroochydore – Round 10

Highest winning margin – 117 points v Labrador – Round 21

Wins – 16

100 points or more in a game – 4


Top 5 Goals

1 – Harry McInnes (41)

2 – Shawn Watson (22)

3 – Adam Hull and Sam Banks-Smith (16)

5 – Charles Bettiol and Jacob Long (12)


Results against teams that finished in the top six

W – Aspley (+29), PBC (+31), Morningside (+16), PBC (+57), Mt Gravatt (+50), Aspley (+80), Aspley (+32)

Wins – 7 | 295 – ave. 42 points

L – Maroochydore (-5), Maroochydore (-24)

Losses – 2 | 29 – ave. 14.5 points



High score – 16.10.106 v PBC – Round 3

Lowest score – 2.10.22 v Broadbeach – Round 16

Highest winning margin – 92 points v Redland Victoria Point – Round 20

Wins – 14

100 points or more in a game – 1


Top 5 Goals

1 – Ky McKenzie (23)

2 – Rhiley Owens (18)

3 – Alexander Barnes (16)

4 – Kuot Thok (14)

5 – Lachlan Sherwood (13)


Results against teams that finished in the top six

W – PBC (+19), Mt Gravatt (+34), PBC (+38), Maroochydore (+42), PBC (+31)

Wins – 5 | 164 – ave. 33 points

L – Broadbeach (-29), Maroochydore (-11), Morningside (-24), Broadbeach (-80), Broadbeach (-32),

Losses – 5 | 176 – ave. 35 points



Aspley has a 5-1 record in games decided by 12-points or less, how vital is this stat?

It shows that when games get close and tight, this team has the capacity to win them. Winning close games is something that the best teams need to learn how to do. All teams would have processes in place on what to do when it is trailing late in the game and what to do to kick a goal in those tight contests; and alternatively how to shut the game down. Aspley won its five games against teams out of the top six, however it’s important to highlight that regardless of the opponent, it has a habit of being in front of those types of games when the final siren sounds.

How important is the record 3-0 record that Broadbeach has over Aspley in the 2023 season to date?

You’re always going to take positives out of those performances and have that mental edge over your opponent. It does however at times create an expectation of being able to beat those opponents, even before the first ball is bounced. That Round 16 win by 80-points was more than just a win; Broadbeach held a quality side to no goals at half-time; and then finished strongly. If that’s the benefit that Broadbeach takes away from any of those three games, it is a good one because it’s very hard to contain a good team at the best of times, and it did so here.

Kuot Thok must be riding high after winning the league best and fairest, how important is he?

He has worked incredibly hard this season to be a much better all-round player than when he was playing for Wilston Grange in recent seasons. Kuot on his day can be the most exciting and must-see player on the ground due to his tremendous agility, leap and football smarts. The medal win was a testament to his hard work in becoming a more complete player and his versatility to play a number of positions makes him so valuable to this group. He has been sitting on the fringe of Senior selection all season, but when the Senior team is the most complete team of all 36 in the QAFL (Seniors, Reserves, Colts), it’s really hard to get in.

Please, talk up Harry McInnes, he must be a hidden gem at Broadbeach.

Harry is a young star with a bright future. In 2022, he played football in South Australia, Northern Territory and then Queensland. After starting the year playing for Southern Districts in the NTFL, he returned to the QAFL, and after nine goals in five games (including four against Morningside), he made his Senior debut against Wilston Grange. He spent the middle of the season in the Senior team before finishing the year in the Reserves where he has kicked 41 goals including 25 in the past month and seven in the big win over Aspley in the Semi finals. He was playing Colts football in South Australia two years ago, so he is a clear star of the future.

Who wins and why?

Broadbeach has been the best team all season and it’s hard to fault what they’ve done across most matches. A lot of hard work has been put into this season, building a strong foundation for a core group of 50 players in the Senior and Reserves team to lead the next major era for the club. Because goals will be tough to come by, that’s where the game will be decided.


Tip – Broadbeach – 29 points

Best on ground – Harry McInnes (Broadbeach)

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