Northern Rivers hosts Goori AFL Challenge

AFL Northern Rivers recently hosted the inaugural Goori AFL Challenge in Casino.

The day gave local Indigenous youth the opportunity to test their sporting abilities and learn new AFL skills.

The 70 participants from Casino Primary, Casino West Primary, Casino Christian School, Coraki Primary and Ellengowan Primary School were divided into teams named after local Bundjalung animals and words; the Little Moogals, Moogais, Bingings, Jullums and Guramans.

Teams competed in a round robin tournament with the Little Moogals victors on the day.

Elders of the Jumbung land council were invited along to talk about the local land, cultural identity and Indigenous pride.

The guys from Solid Mob were in the mix of all the fun and games, promoting healthy living and no smoking.

The Goori AFL Challenge will become an annual Northern Rivers event.

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