National Diversity Champs – Day 4


After the players enjoyed another educational session to start the day, the sun came out, then disappeared again, to mark a new day of competition. Semi and preliminary finals day today with all teams vying for a grand final spot tomorrow.


Game 31 – All Nations – Northern Territory v South Australia

A tight first half saw the Territory team get away on the scoreboard to build a handy half time lead to defend in the second half. It was an uncompromising battle with neither side willing to give an inch. The South Australian team rallied and threw everything at the Territorians but couldn’t quite close the gap, going down by just nine points.

Final Scores: Northern Territory 6 2 38 d South Australia 4 5 29


Game 32 – All Nations – Western Australia v New South Wales/ACT

In a dour struggle, this clash was one of the defences. Both teams got plenty of drive forward, but it was the Western Australia team which made better use of the breeze to kick enough goals and break the lines. New South Wales/ACT was impressive in defence, but Western Australia were also resolute, eventually running out 18 point winners.

Final Scores: Western Australia 4 4 28 d New South Wales/ACT 1 4 10


Game 33 – Kickstart – Victoria/Tasmania v South Australia

On a day where a grand final spot is on the line, both teams came out hard. South Australia put together some impressive passages of play, but the solid Victoria/Tasmania defence held firm all game, setting up their mids and forwards to attack more frequently. Despite South Australia fighting hard, the Victoria/Tasmania team won well by 24 points.

Final Scores: Victoria/Tasmania 6 3 39 d South Australia 2 3 15

Game 34 – Kickstart – New South Wales/ACT v Queensland

A very tight first half saw New South Wales/ACT score the first goal with the wind but as showers came through it made scoring difficult. Both sides goaled inside the final minute, setting up an enthralling second half. Queensland had the wind in the second half, but New South Wales/ACT adapted to the wet conditions better to kick a sealing goal and win by 14 points.

Final Scores: New South Wales/ACT 5 2 32 d Queensland 3 0 18

Game 35 – All Nations – Victoria/Tasmania v Northern Territory

A determined Victoria/Tasmania team got away to a solid start in their clash against the Northern Territory. Playing a disciplined game, the Vic/Tas team countered the wet and windy conditions better to kick crucial goals. The Territory boys fought back hard, with some amazing skills at times in the wet, but Victoria/Tasmania were too strong in the end, winning by 34 points.

Final Scores: Victoria/Tasmania 7 8 50 d Northern Territory 2 4 16


Game 36 – All Nations – Queensland v Western Australia

The Queensland side an announced itself as a definite title contender when they put the Western Australia team to the sword. Despite the rain and wind, the Queenslanders continued to find avenues to score goals, as well as placing enormous defensive pressure on the Western Australia team. A powerhouse first half was backed up by a sold second as the Queenslander booked a grand final berth for tomorrow.

Final Scores: Queensland 8 5 53 d Western Australia 0 2 2


Game 37 – Kickstart – Victoria/Tasmania v Northern Territory

In a difficult game in wet conditions, both sides worked hard to get their noses in front. The heavy rain negated the breeze somewhat, so it came down to who had the best ball handling and movement for the conditions. The game remained tight right to the end, but it was an errant 50 metre penalty awarded to Victoria/Tasmania which proved the difference. The final frantic minutes were spent largely in the Northern territory forward 50, but Victoria/Tasmania held on by nine points.

Final Scores: Victoria/Tasmania 2 5 17 d Northern Territory 1 2 8


Game 38 – Kickstart – Western Australia v New South Wales/ACT

The Western Australian team can smell another Kickstart title and left nothing in the tank to ensure they reached the grand-final. From the outset their structures and dare came together to create a useful lead with the wind. Any hope of a daring New South wales/ACT fightback were dashed early in the second half with more goals before the Western Australia team went on to record a 47 point win.

Final Scores: Western Australia 8 5 53 d New South Wales/ACT 1 0 6

And so…to the Grand-Finals. Queensland can create history when they take on the Victoria/Tasmania team in the All Nations Grand Final. Western Australia gets to defend its title yet again when it meets Victoria/Tasmania in the Kickstart Grand Final. All eyes will again be on Cazalys Stadium in Cairns for a huge day.



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