Magpies notch first QFA South win

By Daniel McKenzie

Coomera has won its first game of the season by coming from behind to run over Alexandra Hills, 9.15 (69) – 9.6 (60) at Coomera Sports Park on Saturday afternoon.

After four consecutive losses to start the new campaign, the Magpies entered the match needing a win to avoid being the only winless side left in the competition.

The Magpies battled away all day in testing conditions and spurred on by a vocal home crowd in the last quarter, they came home with a wet sail to win 9.15-69 to 9.6-60.

Coomera deserved their first victory in the end and were aided by repeat efforts around stoppages by their midfielders which allowed them to run out the game better.

They were forced to battle hard as the game wore on due to a slow start against the Bombers who took the early ascendency.

The Bombers, mopped up most Magpie attacks and took advantage of a strong breeze by dominating play, but struggled to convert their dominance into points, going into the first break with a two-goal lead.

The second quarter was a carbon copy of the first quarter as far as dominance goes, but this time it was Coomera controlling the contest as they constantly went forward, with their time in the wind.

Despite their dominance, the Magpies also struggled to convert, with their first goal of the term coming five minutes prior to the half time siren.

 Alexandra Hills were able to convert what little chances they were presented with and they looked the more polished side as the match went on.

The wind once again played a part in the third term nad both teams were turning the ball over coming out of defence.

The scoreboard was largely unaffected for most of the third until Bomber’s swingman Ashley Templar threatened to break the contest wide open.

After a ball up in Coomera’s defensive 50, Templar roved a pack with a clean pick-up, turned onto his left and snapped from a near impossible angle on the boundary, narrowly missing.

 The snap could have been the difference as the Bombers failed to convert a simple shot from 20 out straight in front after the siren.

The shot sailed wide and gave the Bombers a point to go into the final break with a 13-point lead.

Alexandra Hills came out firing in the final term and within thirty seconds had goaled to take the momentum and an early 19 point lead.

Coomera, refusing to lay down and being spurred on by their home fans, replied with a strong mark and running goal which cancelled out the Bombers’ lead and cut the margin back to 13 leading into the mid-way point of the final quarter.

After a shaky start, they managed to convert twice and after a mark and set shot, they took their first lead of the match.

After peppering their forward line in the final two minutes, the siren sounded and Coomera were nine point winners in a hard fought and well deserved victory.

Both teams played hard and had strong performers across four quarters.

For the Magpies, Stuart Vimpany controlled the midfield and hit targets time and time again in the difficult conditions.

He was assisted by James Matthews, Garry Smith and Dougie King, who provided the grunt and spark for Coomera throughout the match.

Ross Ryswyk proved the difference up front and was the Magpies’ only multiple goal kicker with three for the day.



Burleigh has continued their winning ways with 23.13-151 to 14.11-95 victory over Yeronga.

An eight-goal first quarter set the  Bombers up for victory.

Terry Knight followed up his seven goals the previous week against Coolangatta with an even better eight goal best on ground performance, assisted by Luke Felsman, who kicked six. 

Burleigh once again dominated the ruck and Matt Correa was damaging off half back.

Yeronga provided strong competition and after a seven goal to two second quarter, drew within 11 points at the main break before being blown away by an eight goal to three third term.


Springwood has continued its unbeaten run to the top of the ladder with a dominant 22.11-143 to 6.11-47 win over Coorparoo at Giffin Park on Saturday.

After a relatively even first quarter, the Pumas piled on eight goals to nil in the second quarter to blow their opponents away and take a 56 point lead into the main break.

They continued to dominate the match and extended their lead at every change, to record a 96 point victory.

The Pumas had an even spread of goal kickers with Adrian Wallin, James Pennycuick, Mark Thompson and Rhan Hooper, kicking six, five, three and two goals each respectively.

After their two goal first quarter, Coorparoo only kicked six goals for the match. Gibson played well up front and kicked half of his side’s goals for the match with three.

Coolangatta-Tweed versus Kenmore

The Blues have suffered their second straight home defeat, this time going down to Kenmore by 82 points on Sunday.

Only two points separated the sides at the first break but the Bears blew the game wide open in the second, piling on eight goals to one.

Kenmore’s domination continued for the second half as they controlled the contest and extended their lead at every change, running out eventual 20.12-132 to 7.8-50 winners.

After kicking three goals in the first term, Coolangatta managed just four more for the match including a goalless final quarter.

For Kenmore, ex Brisbane Lions and Collingwood player Anthony Corrie was excellent with eight goals.


Noosa                                   2.2,  6.2,  10.6,  12.7  (79)
Caloundra                               2.1,  7.4,  7.5,  11.8  (74)

GOALS, Noosa : B. Duke 4, T. Duke 2, Z. McDonald 2, S. Dwyer 1, N. Winter 1, A. Corrigan 1, I. Hughson 1
Caloundra : Q. Ross 5, T. McPherson 3, J. Pierpoint 2, E. Hipwood 1
BEST, Noosa : D. Dempsey, T. Duke, J. Fulton, J. Fitzpatrick, D. Murray, J. Malthouse
Caloundra : T. McPherson, T. Gardiner, T. Pierpoint, Q. Ross, B. Peek, B. Fraser

Mayne                                   1.7,  2.7,  5.10,  8.13  (61)
Maroochydore                            0.3,  0.7,  2.9,  2.10  (22)

GOALS, Mayne : L. Ferguson 2, L. Faulkner 2, T. Murtha 2, L. Bourke 1, W. Stephens 1
Maroochydore : B. Howard 1, J. Hill 1
BEST, Mayne : D. Hartley, S. Daly, J. Collings, B. Davies, C. Sellen, B. McElligott
Maroochydore : J. Ryan, D. Smith, J. Gale, B. Kethro, M. Roberts, B. McCosker

Aspley                                  6.2,  10.4,  16.10,  20.10  (130)
Caboolture                              2.2,  6.3,  6.3,  7.3  (45) 

GOALS, Aspley : H. Payne 4, L. Rabone 4, N. Sculpher 3, D. Reeves 2, S. Palmer 2, B. Emberson 2, A. Robertson 1, B. Eickenloff 1, C. Brown 1
Caboolture : R. Nickalls 4, B. Rohde 1, P. Struthers 1
BEST, Aspley : L. Rabone, R. Harrison, J. Guest, D. Kirwan, N. Sculpher, A. Robertson
Caboolture : R. Nickalls, B. Rohde, S. Morrice, C. Allen, K. Wall, J. McKenna 

Kedron                                  3.3,  11.10,  18.14,  26.20  (176)
Nambour & Hinterland                    0.2,  1.2,  1.5,  2.9  (21)

GOALS, Kedron : G. Fitzgibbon 6, J. Ferron 5, M. Hood 4, D. Chivas 3, M. Leamer 3, R. Yorston 2, N. Clarke 1, J. Enkera 1, N. Bell 1
Nambour & Hinterland : M. Peters 1, A. Thornton 1
BEST, Kedron : G. Fitzgibbon, D. Chivas, M. Hood, D. Duffield, R. Yorston, J. Zurek Nambour & Hinterland : J. Gray, N. Spring, J. Ferguson,  . Laing, N. Trace


Coomera                                 1.2,  2.6,  3.11,  9.15  (69)
Alexandra Hills                         3.1,  5.3,  6.5,  9.6  (60)

GOALS, Coomera : R. Ryswyk 3, J. Davis 1, J. Cootes 1, J. Henry 1, S. Vimpany 1, B. Faulkner 1, B. Pieters 1

BEST, Coomera :J. Matthews, G. Smith, S. Vimpany, J. Henry, R. Ryswyk, D. King

Burleigh                                8.4,  10.6,  18.9,  23.13  (151)
Yeronga South Brisbane                  1.4,  8.7,  11.8,  14.11  (95)

GOALS, Burleigh :T. Knight 8, L. Felsman 6, D. Martin 1, M. Correa 1, G. Oliver 1, M. O’Brien 1, D. Wise 1, N. Sullivan 1, B. Male 1, C. Rowlands 1, R. Clough 1
Yeronga South Brisbane : B. Laycock 6, J. Thomlinson 3, M. Eagles 2, P. Reyne 1, Z. Hatch 1, S. Costigan 1
BEST, Burleigh : T. Knight, M. Correa, L. Niklaus, L. Felsman, T. Clairs, D. Wise
Yeronga South Brisbane : M. Eagles, B. Laycock, J. Thomlinson, J. Jones, S. Costigan, C. Bray

Springwood                              4.0,  12.2,  15.6,  22.11  (143)
Coorparoo                               2.6,  2.6,  5.7,  6.11  (47)

GOALS, Springwood : A. Wallin 6, J. Pennycuick 5, M. Thompson 3, R. Hooper 2, G. Friis 1, L. Ruf 1, J. King 1, J. Furfaro 1, J. Perovic 1, J. King 1
Coorparoo : B. Gibson 3, J. Lake 1, T. Spurling 1, J. Leach 1
BEST, Springwood : J. Perovic, A. Sponneck, A. Proud, A. Soutar, J. Furfaro, R. Jard
Coorparoo : J. Hulme, J. Lake, J. Lake, B. Spurling, P. James, B. Gibson

Kenmore                                 3.4,  11.6,  15.7,  20.12  (132)
Coolangatta-Tweed                       3.2,  4.2,  7.5,  7.8  (50)

GOALS, Kenmore : A. Corrie 8, T. Plummer 5, H. Baldwin 2, K. Reed 2, B. Stummer 1, T. Fox 1, B. Thomas 1

Coolangatta-Tweed : A. Haines 2, J. Ryan 1, D. Hawkins 1, J. Huitson 1, M. Wise 1, D. Sanderson 1

Coolangatta-Tweed : T. Walker, J. Huitson, D. Sanderson, N. Hamilton , J. Williamson, A. Boyce

2014 QAFA (A) Seniors

Redcliffe                               4.0,  8.6,  8.10,  11.14  (80)
University of Queensland                2.7,  4.11,  7.14,  9.15  (69)

GOALS, Redcliffe : A. Kingdon 4, T. Fitzallen 1, A. Quarrell 1, M. Shaw 1, T. Brown 1, D. McInnes 1, B. Foley 1, J. Bond 1
University of Queensland : D. Doherty 5, M. Swann 1, S. Henty 1, R. Hondow 1, H. Boyd 1

BEST, Redcliffe : J. Bond, A. Richardson, P. Furness, B. Foley, T. Hayes, A. Kingdon

University of Queensland : S. Westerhuis, F. Gehrmann, S. Henty, D. Lutton, R. Hondow, G. Wilkinson

Pine Rivers                             4.1,  8.2,  15.11,  15.11  (101)
Beenleigh                               1.0,  1.2,  4.4,  4.4  (28)

GOALS, Pine Rivers : B. Long 4, N. Boucher 3, N. Murray 2, S. Etherton 2, A. Cameron 1, D. Dai 1, B. Drew 1, M. Gould 1
Beenleigh : D. Goode 2, M. Brauer 1, M. Kennedy 1

BEST, Pine Rivers : N. Boucher, S. Armstrong, B. Burton, D. Otto, N. Murray, B. Rodgers
Beenleigh : M. Fallon, C. Robson, D. Goode, N. Kemp, B. Mann, C. Greaves

Griffith-Moorooka                       0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  11.12  (78)
Logan                                   0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  8.6  (54)

GOALS, Griffith-Moorooka : A. Flower 5, G. Hodgetts 1, J. Simpson 1, N. Pearson 1, J. Grainger 1, M. Pearce 1, R. Butler 1
Logan : D. Forster 6, C. Driscoll 1, M. Driver 1

Logan: C. Fletcher, A. Henning, A. Bell, A. Richards, D. Forster, M. Giuliani

Ipswich                                 2.3,  7.5,  11.7,  17.10  (112)

Carrara                                 1.4,  3.5,  3.7,  6.8  (44)

GOALS, Ipswich : K. Brick 3, S. Lally 3, C. Devlin 3, H. Wilson 2, B. North 2, R. Turnbull 1, L. Konstanciak 1, J. Cummings 1, T. Pilsbury 1
Carrara :J. Johnson 1, J. Campbell 1, M. Mackenzie 1, R. Nossiter 1, S. Owen 1
BEST, Ipswich : S. Makins, C. Devlin, K. Brick, J. Atkinson, T. Pilsbury, B. North
Carrara : J. Goodchild, J. Ridge, J. Mason, R. Nossiter, N. Bower, E. Grayson

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