Isaac Conway: A Scorpion’s tale

Find out what motivates Queensland Under-18 rep, Isaac Conway, in this week’s Scorpion’s Tale.

I am incredibly passionate about footy.

This year more than ever, I have been driven to work as hard as I can to realise my dream of playing AFL.

That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been challenging, though.

Being 18, a lot of my school friends go out every weekend and it has been pretty tough not to be a bit jealous when they’re out and I’m home on the weekends.

But then I think about the potential chance I have to be drafted this year and it reminds me that all of this is worth it.

Not just for me, but for my family too.

My parents have always been a fantastic support to me, even when things have been difficult for them.

In the past couple of years, particularly, they have really pushed me to stay on track and do everything right because they realise, as much as I do, the opportunity I could have at the end of it all.

I broke my leg just after nationals in 2010 and I remember the doctor telling me I had to have surgery, and I felt a bit panicky at the thought of it.

But all through my rehab, it was my parents who took me to all my physio appointments and pushed me to do all the work I needed to get better, and in the long run it was a really good thing for me.

They’ve always wanted the best out of me and it’s made me really want the best out of myself.

That injury really drove my desire to pursue footy and I came back bigger and stronger than before, so in some ways it was almost a blessing in disguise.

My mum and dad really inspire me to work my absolute hardest.

This year, they’ve had to face some pretty tough challenges, and their strength has really inspired me to keep working at my footy.

When I play, I don’t really like to think about what else is going on in my life, but  the challenges that I’ve had do help me to push myself on the training track.

I am incredibly grateful to have even a chance of playing in the AFL and I am absolutely determined not to waste it.

Whenever I watch AFL games on the weekends, seeing guys like Dane Swan running around makes me really excited for what could be ahead.

I think about that potential and I reckon the opportunity to get a spot on an AFL list would be the best feeling.

It depends how hard you want to work as to what you can do with that chance, though.

If I have the opportunity to play AFL, I don’t just want to go through the motions – I want to get the best out of myself every step of the way.

My family and my coaches have put in all of the extra yards all the way through and they would be just as happy as me if I were to be drafted and I really want to reward them all for their hard work too.

Ultimately, it’s my passion and love for footy that keeps me going.

As much as I enjoy what I’m doing now, I’d much rather wake up every morning next year doing something that I love wholeheartedly.

And all of the hard work and the things I’ve missed out on will be worth it to have a chance to achieve that.

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