2024 Queensland v Tasmania Men’s State Game – Match Review

By Abby Collins

The 2024 Queensland vs Tasmania men’s state representative clash at Bond University Oval on Saturday afternoon saw Tasmania emerging victorious for a second consecutive year.

The buzzer timed out play with a final score of 7.15 (87) to 10.13 (133), Tasmania once again taking home the bragging rights.

From the opening bounce, Tasmania dominated the first quarter, leaving Queensland goalless while they kicked seven goals onto their scoreboard.

The visitors midfield pack, featuring Andrew Philips, Brandon Leary, Kieran Lovell and Michael Stingell, proved difficult to contain from the get go.

The efforts of Lovell were praised by Tasmania’s Head Coach, Aaron Cornelius.

“Lovell’s composure around the contest was outstanding for us, he won a massive amount of clearances,” Cornelius said.

“His ability to lead, hit a target or use his hands in regards to the game around him made him excellent. I thought his defensive pressure was quiet good too.”

The first quarter was owned by the visitors, as the men in green and yellow scored goal after goal uncontested, with Queensland taking this quarter to truly find their feet.

After the first break Queensland stormed the field ready to stop Tasmania’s once seemingly unstoppable strength.

Tom Simpson’s back-to-back goals off the centre bounce was a game changing sequence for the Queensland men, causing a stir of energy and momentum within the team.

“Simpson kicked a couple goals from centre bounce,” Leigh Harding, Queensland Head Coach said.

“He was super with his timing, with his stoppages and defensively but also in his attack.

“To be able to kick two goals from that centre bounce really got us going and back into the game.”

The representative challenge went into half time with an 8-point margin, Queensland trailing but showing signs of life.

The third quarter saw Matt Hammelmann’s efforts come in full swing.

With three goals in the third quarter, one to start the play and two more back-to-back, the ex-Brisbane Lions player attempted to wrestle the margin into the maroon teams favour.

“He held quiet a little bit early,” Leigh Harding, Queensland coach said.

“But he is always a hard man to keep down and he persisted throughout the game.”

Tasmania maintained their lead with consistent performances from their midfield and forwards, despite Queensland’s attempt at resurgence.

“Kieran Lovell was exceptional on ball, big Andrew Philips was quite handy in the ruck contest,” Cornelius said.

“I was really happy with the backline Tom Cleary and Ben Donnelly did a great job.

“Harry Bayles came into it late. I was very impressed with Oscar Van Dam, he had a really good game when the pressure was on.”

In the final quarter, Tasmania managed to hold off Queensland’s advances, securing their victory.

Harvey Griffiths and Oscar Van Dam were instrumental in maintain the green’s lead.

Queensland’s defensive efforts form Corey Hitchcock, Liam Dawson and AJ Dawson were commendable but ultimately fell short in halting the Tasmanian onslaught.

Proud of his teams efforts, Cornelius was happy to be taking home his first win as head coach.

“I think it played out exactly as we thought, as far as fast and early,” he said.

“In the middle of the game Queensland got a momentum shift and we were able to respond.

“I am just really happy with how the boys went out there.”

The game saw Queensland arriving late to the party but putting their best foot forward to try remaining in the contest.

“We just gave the ball to them, we were unable to hold the ball in,” Leigh Harding said.

“We changed that in the second quarter, and we could see the difference that made for the score at half time.

“It was a cracking game; we didn’t expect it to be as high a scoring as that.

“We needed to put a couple goals on them in that last quarter to get our momentum back but we missed a couple shots and just couldn’t get it done.”


Queensland    0.4       1.11     5.14     7.15     (87)

Tasmania        7.2       8.7       15.8     10.13   (133)



Queensland Hammelmann 4, Simpson 2, Woodburn 2, Freeman 2, Batchelor 2

Tasmania Hinds 3, Griffiths 3, Cox-Goodyer 2, Van Damn 2, Leary 2, Boag 2, Siggins, Hyatt, Sulzberger, Stingel, Tomkinson, Philips


Best on Ground

Queensland Tom Simpson

Tasmania Kieran Lovell


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