Girls AFL officially a QSS sport

The popularity of girls’ AFL in Queensland has grown to such a point that as of 2014, it will be an official Queensland School Sport State Championships.

For the past two years an invitational carnival has been run in early Term Two for girls aged 16 years and under. 

Eight of the QSS regions have regularly participated, driven by Coles AFL School Ambassadors and AFL Queensland’s Female Programs Manager, Julia Price.

Most noteably Kenmore State High School’s Heidi Thompson (pictured) has been a driving force behind the development of the invitational and now championships, and will continue to be involved alongside Met North’s Ross Clayfield and South Coast’s Tarley Hawke in 2014.

Under the guidance of QSSAF Committee members Volker Jahnke and Chris Gill, this championship will commence next year.

Girls’ AFL in Queensland schools has grown on average over the past few years by over 40% with the biggest growth coming from the primary-aged players. 

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