French twist for North Mackay Saints

The North Mackay Saints have offered Lou Quidu-Tronscorff his first taste of Australian Rules Football.

Lou Quidu-Tronscorff played his first game of AFL just eight days after arriving in Australia.

While most kids spend their summer holidays at the beach or sleeping in, Lou packed his bags and headed for Australia to experience everything the country had to offer, including AFL.

Lou is currently on exchange from France, living with a host family in Mackay where he pulls on the boots for the North Mackay Saints.

After just one game Lou said he was hooked on AFL and was very keen to improve his skills while in Australia.

“I love sports. I participate in lots of sports at school and outside school.  I’ve been playing Rugby for 4 years, practicing judo for 10 years, and horse riding for 6 years as well as swimming,” Lou said.

Lou also says he barracks for Carlton but that probably has more to do with his host mother than the Blues position on the ladder.

“Of course he barracks for Carlton, he’s heard they’re a great team,” host mother Robyn Madill said.

Lou will be playing alongside host brothers Cooper and Dempsey Rodden until he returns home mid-September.

His only challenge then will be finding somewhere in France to watch the AFL Grand Final.

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