Day 2 – QLD U16 Championships

By Grant Hitzman

A blistering performance after quarter time has seen North Queensland thrash newcomers KickStart by 134-points on Day 2 of the 2013 U16 Queensland State Academy Championships at Yeronga.

North Queensland took a slim 5-point lead into the quarter time break despite dominating possession and doubling the younger KickStart in inside 50’s and scoring shots. KickStart played tenacious football in the first term, running freely and scrambling in defence.

KickStart Coach and ex-Brisbane Lions and Collingwood player, Anthony Corrie, looked on as his team held their own against an older and more experienced North Queensland outfit.

The second quarter started with KickStart continuing to make the most of their limited opportunities, with Robert Holley slotting a goal from 35m to give KickStart the lead a minute into the quarter.

North Queensland looked flustered and a major upset loomed unless the players lifted. And lift they did, North Queensland went on to kick 9 unanswered goals to head into the major break with a 54-point lead off a 3-goal term from Cody Filewood and unstoppable play across the half-forward line from Glendon Woosup.

North Queensland came out after the main break and continued their physical dominance, finding fluency through the midfield and kicking 2 goals in as many minutes. KickStart got their first score in more than a quarter of football and then proceeded to slot a goal home off the next kick out, desperate to stop the bleeding.

However, their efforts were in vain, with North Queensland driving home 7 unanswered goals to finish the term, including a spectacular 55 metre barrel on the 3 quarter time siren by Cuan Frazer. North Queensland went into the break with all the momentum and an unassailable 103-point lead.

The final term continued as it left off for North Queensland, bagging the first 6 goals of the term and squeezing the life out of an exhausted KickStart outfit. KickStart’s Jase Carswell played tirelessly in defence all day and was a standout in the losing side. Lenny Christie attacked the ball with intent all day and was rewarded with a late consolation goal.

As the siren sounded, North Queensland were clear and deserved winners, completely dominating after a close start.

The much younger KickStart side put up a valiant effort but were no match for the faster, stronger and older North Queensland outfit. This is KickStart’s first appearance in the State Championships, replacing Papua New Guinea from last year’s competition.

NORTH QUEENSLAND 2.6 11.7 20.10 27.12 (174)

KICKSTART 2.1 3.1 4.3 6.4 (40)

Nth Qld

Goalkickers Cody Filewood 5, LBlake Bailey2 ,didamusBlanket 1josh brown 1,

Glendon Woosup 2, Keanu Nona 5, Jack growden 1, Joel Newman 1, Nathanial Tamwoy 1, Sean Nicholson 1. , Joel Karwan 2,Cuan Fraser1, Malachai Songoro 2,Bradley Bond 1, Dieter Stephens 1,

Best Players. Didymus Blanket, Josh Brown, Sean Nicholson,Joel Karwan, Glendon Woosup.


Goal kickersPhilip Stumer 1, Robert Holly 2, Travis gull liver 1, Cassidy Wetherall 1, Lenny Christie 1,

Best Players- Josh Kyle, Kevin Clarke, Esra Charlie, Travis Gulliver,

Denzil Cooper

Day 3 Schedule – Saturday May 4

Leyshon Park, Yeronga

Back Oval

Game 5, 11.00am Brisbane South East vs Brisbane West

Game 6, 12.30 pm Sunshine Coast vs Kickstart

Main Oval

Game 7 2.00pm Brisbane North vs Gold Coast North

Game 8 3.30pm Gold Coast South vs North Queensland

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