AP Cup second semi final: Pumas v Magpies

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for live updates throughout the second semi final at Lowe Oval today.

5:15pm: FULL TIME: SPRINGWOOD 22.14 (146)  def. MAGPIES 18.15 (123)
Springwood has booked their grand final ticket, continuing an incredible 2013 turnaround.

The Pumas rolled on in the final quarter, with Adrian Wallin kicking the opener of the term and continuing their momentum.

Andrew Sponneck went off, looking in pain, but nothing could stop the Pumas’ storming run home.

Rhan Hooper added two sensational goals to his personal highlights reel, and the Pumas were up by 40 points 10 minutes in, and the visitors simply couldn’t keep up.

Their week off showed as the final term ticked on. 

James Rozynski played little part in the final term, which added a sour note to the Magpies’ day.

The Magpies now face one of Palm Beach or Surfers Paradise, in a preliminary final, next weekend.

5:15pm: Reid Dobson gets a late one for the Magpies, and it’ll be close to the last score of the match, I’d say.

5:11pm:  The Pumas are icing the clock now, just chewing up time.

5:08pm: There are Pumas limping everywhere- they’ll be glad to have a week off after this one, I’d say.

5:07pm: The Pumas have taken the foot off the pedal a bit, and the Magpies get another one.

5:05pm: The Magpies have kicked one, but it’s little consolation, as they trail by 37 points.

5:04pm: Mark Thompson has come off, looking in a bit of pain, but might just be cramps. The Pumas captain has toiled all day.

5:00pm: Jimmy Rozynski has played no part in this term, on the bench. Could be massive for the Magpies.

4:56pm: If you didn’t like the first one, Hooper adds another to the highlights reel snapping on his way to the ground, and it’s icing on the cake for Springwood.

The Pumas lead 21.14 (140) -15.10 (100).

4:54pm: HOOPER KICKS AN UNNNNBEEELLIIIEEEVVVABBBLLLLEEE goal, and the Pumas go off!! THe kid’s got skills.

4:53pm: The Magpies have reigned things in a little, but it’s still all Pumas this quarter.

4:49pm: ONE POINT. BRISBANE ARE OUT OF THE FINALS RACE. Sorry, if you were recording the game, you can troll me on Twitter later @bethknewman.

4:49pm: Sponneck is off again, can’t walk on his right foot.Big worry.

4:47pm: Crowd hero, Adrian Wallin lines up for a shot and slots it with ease. They’ve got one foot in the door now.

4:46pm: Final quarter underway. Minor premiers or defending premiers? Who will be the first through?


The Brisbane Lions have not given up the fight in Geelong. They currently trail by eight points, 22 minutes in to the final term.

Their reserves side survived a thriller agasint Aspley at Graham Rd, winning by four points and qualifying for a second straight grand final.

Southport will meet the Hornets in a preliminary final next Sunday for the other grand final spot, after beating Redland.

Coorparoo has one foot in the SEQAFL Division Two grand final, leading Yeronga 110-52.

4:40pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: SPRINGWOOD 18.14 (122) – MAGPIES 15.9 (99)
Springwood came out firing after half-time, and took the game back by the scruff of the neck.

The Pumas kicked the first four of the term, before the Magpies’ Alex Dickfos got one back for the visitors.

It was goal for goal from there, though the Pumas had the say over the play for much of the quarter.

The minor premiers butchered some chances late in the quarter, keeping the Magpies close.

Springwood’s James Pennycuick was monumental in the third term, with some spectacular shots at goal.

Anthony Corrie kicked two for the term, with five Pumas goals in between.

The Pumas’ defence have been sensational, led by Andrew Sponneck.

4:38pm: The Pumas defence are all over the Magpies at the moment, with the visitors denied three opportunities in the last couple of minutes.

4:35pm: Anthony Corrie shows his class, with a snap around the body, after a one-on-one race with Sponneck. Sponneck comes off the ground straight after, with a limp. Doesn’t look too serious, but he’s getting checked out.

4:33pm: Thompson kicks yet another for the Pumas, and it’s 28 points. The turnaround this quarter from the home side has been unbelievable.

4:30pm: James Pennycuick is back in the action, and kicks it over the fence and into the carpark. Someone might find a nasty surprise on their car after that one, but it won’t matter, if they’re a pumas fan, because that goal put them 21 points up.

4:28pm: Pennycuick goes for a big one, and it falls left and short, but Jake Furfaro is there to clean up the scraps and gets a goal off the ground.

4:25pm: Clearance, snap, Furfaro mark. His kick goes right and it’s through for a point.

4:24pm: Brayden Eddy gets in on the act for Springwood and we’re back to a seven point difference, in the Pumas’ favour.

4:21pm: Absolute jinx, sorry Pumas fans. As I typed that, Corrie took a mark and slotted his third goal of the afternoon.

4:20pm: Springwood have taken the ascendency back this quarter, and are looking determined.

4:18pm: After a sensational Magpies tackle brought them undone in the goal square, the Pumas have a shot courtesy of Rhan Hooper. And Hoops splits the middle, making it a one-goal game to their favour.

4:16pm: Not great news for Lions fans. Geelong is up by 20 points at the final break.

4:13pm: Anthony Corrie gets a 50m penalty and kicks it to Dickfos, who slots his second. One point the difference.

4:11pm: ANOTHER ONE FOR THE PUMAS! Preston-Smith kicks his first, and the Pumas are roaring now. Seven points up.

4:09pm: Blake Wallis lays a brilliant tackle on Alex Dickfos and sets up Rhan Hooper for a super goal. They’re up by one! This is incredible

4:08pm: Mark Thompson kicks the Pumas’ second for the third term, adding to Rhan Hooper’s opener.

3:45pm: HALF TIME:  MAGPIES 12.8 (80) –  SPRINGWOOD 9.7 (61)

This final’s not over yet and the Pumas are doing everything in their power to swing things their way, in a second quarter that saw 16 goals scored.

Adrian Wallin opened the exchange, getting Springwood on the goal sheet, and from there it was almost goal for goal.

Mark Thompson and Gerard Moore gave their respective sides captain’s scores at crucial times, while Albert Proud was his usual bustling self.

James Pennycuick nabbed two goals from outside 50 for the Pumas.

Stewart Wenham and Reid Dobson were instrumental for the Magpies through the midfield, while Chris Judson has had the ball on a string.

The Pumas defence has been rock solid, with super efforts from Nick Tronc and Andrew Sponneck, on Anthony Corrie.

The visitors haven’t had the space they had at Salk Oval last weekend, and the Pumas’ pressure has been absolutely suffocating.

We’re in for a massive second half.


In the NEAFL semi-finals, Southport led Redland 13.11 (89) – 6.5 (41) at 3/4 time, while Brisbane and Aspley could be set for extra time, with scores level at the final change.

The Lions are up by 10 points at Kardinia Park, keeping their finals flame wel land truly burning.

Coorparoo is 11 points up in the SEQAFL Division Two prelim, leading the Devils at half time.

3:43pm: Adrian Wallin ends the quarter as he started it, with a goal for the Pumas.

3:40pm: This quarter has been ridiculous! Corrie kicks another for the Magpies as we tick into the 33rd minute.

3:38pm: Friis from 50 and the Pumas fans go wild.

3:35pm: Judson has his third! Playing out of his skin today.

3:34pm: Jason Dunstall mightn’t like it, but Kubby Reed dribbles through his second.

3:31pm: Pennycuick does it again! A humongous boot for his second and Springwood’s seventh. Officially, game on.

3:30pm: The Pumas have clawed their way back this quarter, and Jacob King kicks their sixth for the quarter. It’s still 19 points the difference.

3:29pm: James Pennycuick and Reid Dobson have exchanged some words at the interchange gates – I’m sure they were just talking about the weather, which is still sensational, by the way.

3:28pm: Judson turns on the afterburners and centres it to Moore, who kicks his second.

3:25pm: The Springwood super boot, James Pennycuick, boots a massive one and it’s back to 19 points.

3:23pm: Brady Allen boots it 60 metres from a kick-in, setting up another Magpie counter-attack but it’s cut off.

3:21pm: The Puma who is built like he should be playing the 15-man game, Greg Friis, boots a reply. Swings and roundabouts this quarter.

3:19pm: Reid Dobson kicks one through traffic. The Magpies fans are growing in voice.

3:17pm: Josh Mitchell takes a sensational mark and converts from straight in front and the Pumas are showing fight. The margin is back to 26 points.

3:16pm: Anthony Corrie kicks his second for the Magpies and they’re really in control.

If you’re a Brisbane Lions fan, get excited. Brisbane is up by a goal at the cattery. Could it be….?

3;14pm: It’s raining captains’ goals. Mark Thompson gets one back for the Pumas, from 50.

3:12pm: Magpies captain, Gerard Moore, gets a free and will have a shot from the boundary. Easy as you like, the big man slots it and the Magpies have a quick reply.

3:09pm: Adrian Wallin has the first shot of the quarter for Springwood and the Pumas have a major!

3:08pm: Second quarter underway, and it’s the Magpies with the first clearance.

3:02pm: QUARTER TIME: MAGPIES 5.6 (36) – SPRINGWOOD 0.6 (6)
The Magpies got off to another flyer at Lowe Oval, putting their best foot forward with a grand final spot up for grabs.

The visitors were doing everything right, except kicking straight, while the Pumas looked a little shell-shocked.

Chris Judson slotted two for the quarter, while Alex Dickfos, Kale Reed and Val Pope all kicked one.

Brady Allen looked superb, setting up some Magpies chances running through the back line.

Springwood tried to out body the Magpies, but the defending premiers were well and truly prepared.

The Pumas couldn’t keep up with them on the run, and the Magpies’ ruthless counter-attack punished the home side on plenty of occasions.

The game is certainly not over by any means, but the Pumas have some work to do if they want that grand final spot.

2:57pm: A 50 to Val Pope and the Magpies have their fifth, with ease. Htey lead 5.6 (36)  – 0.3 (3)

2:55pm: Albert Proud absolutely boots it fom 50, straight into the hands of Brendan Iles. But Iles can’t convert, and the Pumas are still goalless.

2:53pm: The Pumas are desperately trying to make something happen in their forward 50, but nothing is working at the minute.

Meanwhile, the temperature where I’m sitting has dropped into cardigan territory. Go figure.

2:49pm: Anthony Corrie lining up for a shot and kicks the Magpies’ fourth.

2:48pm: Rhan Hooper lines up from about 50 and the shot drifts left, but the Pumas are on the board.

2:47pm: NEAFL: The Hornets have turned the table in the second, leading the Lions reserves by seven points at the major break.

2:45pm: Dickfos kicks one for the Magpies, and they’re up 3.6 (24) to 0.

2:44pm: Bad news for Springwood as Josh Brown comes off limping and in some pain.

2:41pm: Anthony Corrie has a shot from right next to the Pumas box and he’s over cooked it. Across the face for a behind.

2:39pm: Chris Judson has a chance again – he is on fire! Two goals for the day, and the only one who has split the big sticks this afternoon.


Half-time in the NEAFL semi at Fankhauser Reserve and the Sharks lead the Bombers, 8.5 (53) – 4.3 (27).

Brisbane led Aspley by 12 at the first break at Graham Rd.

For all the Brisbane Lions fans out there, your side is still a chance at finals, trailing Geelong by 14 points in the shadows of quarter time.

2:37pm: The Magpies’ big game experience once again coming to the fore. They are having all the say at the minute.

2:35pm: A superb pass from Val Pope falls just short of Judson, who collects and kicks across the face.

2:33pm: Judson kicks the opener for the Magpies, and they’re up by 7.

2:32pm: It’s a bit of deja vu, with Kale Reed having thr first shot of the day. But the Magpies can’t replicate their perfect start from last week, with the shot flaling left.

2:30pm: Magpies with all the possession from the first bounce, but the Pumas are ferocious in their tackles and the ball doesn’t go very far.

2:30pm: Here we go!

2:24pm: One change for the Pumas, with Adrian Wallin coming in for Ethan Reading (quad). Interchange is: Josh Brown, Jake McGill, Mitch Vasterink and Brayden Eddy.

Magpies unchanged. Richard Wenham, Gabe McKinnon, Drew Mitchell and Matt Hockley starting on the pine.

2:08pm: There’s a pretty massive crowd here, and there’s been plenty of people here all day. I can tell you that firsthand, partly because I am here, but partly because I had to put all of my limited parking skills to  use, trying to fit between a ute and a Mazda 4WD at the library next door.

2:00pm: We’re here at Lowe Oval, ready to watch the Pumas take on the Magpies for the first grand final spot in the AP Cup.

I’ll be blogging all the action, as well as addressing all the pressing issues of the afternoon – such as the weather (beautiful, cloudless, typical QUeensland) and the quality of the canteen hamburgers (delicious, no beetroot but I didn’t hate the addition of carrot).

It might be half an hour until the first bounce, but there’s already been plentyo f action at Lowe Oval.

Grange won the colts second semi against Sandgate, in a thrilling finish, getting up 12.18 (90) – 12.11 (81).

The Magpies have just beaten UQ in the first semi in the ressies, after keeping the students goalless in the first half, winning 19.13 (127)  – 4.8 (32).

Could it be an omen for the afternoon?
Two NEAFL matches are also underway.

The end of the first quarter at Fankhauser Reserve sees the Sharks leading Redland, 5.4 (34) – 1.2 (8).

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