AP Cup Player of the Week: Mark Thompson

By Beth Newman

Springwood captain Mark Thompson is as happy as anyone that the club has turned things around in 2013.

Thompson, who led the way in the Pumas’ 129-53 win over Mayne on Saturday, said he was enjoying his footy more than ever, after six lean years at the Pumas.

“I can’t describe it. We’ve been at the bottom of the barrel for so long,” he said.

“Of the 93 games I’ve played, we’d probably won only 12 or 13 and the rest – well they weren’t close losses.”

Thompson kicked two goals in the Pumas’ second-straight win on the weekend and lead the way in effort.

Pumas coach, Tony King, paid tribute to Thompson after the game.

“While all the players were tired and cramping, he was still pushing,” King said.

“He’s a real leader and he’s really passionate about the club.

“He’s really appreciating winning a few games.”

Thompson, who fought all day, was humble in his own assessment of his game.

“I’m just out there to be a support role. We’ve got enough superstars out there,” he said.

“I’m just happy to be a part of it and do the best for the boys.”

Thompson did pretty well in that support role against Mayne, kicking two goals and running all day.

Talking about the change around the club this season, it’s clear how much the Pumas mean to the captain.

“We have great management like from our president. He’s a phenomenal bloke and staff around him, they’re ticking every box – they’re the perfect fit for the boys we’ve got,” he said.

“We’ve got a few eccentric characters and whatnot and we all just gel.

“It’s unreal.”

The on-field improvements at the Pumas make Thompson even more optimistic about the future, in which he will have a major role.

“Tuesday nights aren’t that hard anymore and Thursdays everyone’s up and about and looking forward to the weekend.

“It makes you want to challenge yourself more jut to see how far you can take the team.”

If the Pumas continue to follow in the footsteps on Thompson on and off the field, it’s hard not to share the captain’s positive view for the 2013 season.

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