Day 1 Results – U16 State Championships

Brisbane North, Gold Coast North and Gold Coast South all scored wins in the KooGa Under 16 Queensland State Academy Championships which kicked off at Yeronga yesterday.

2012 Champions Brisbane North proved they will again be a force to be reckoned with a 131-point win over Brisbane South East.

A 4-goal third-quarter saw Gold Coast North set up a comfortable 31-point win against Brisbane West while the final match of the day proved a thriller, with Gold Coast South nudging out the Sunshine Coast by 5-points.

Day 2 of the championships will see KickStart take on North Queensland  at 1pm on Wednesday May 1 at Yeronga.

Day 1 Results

Brisbane North vs. Brisbane South

Brisbane North

Goal Kickers: Mitchell Crawley 2, Adam Tipungwuti  3, Charlie  Driffield 1, Brandon McClune 2, Callum Royal 1, Corey Wagner 2, Jayden McDonald 3, Jordan Maynard 2, Alex Barnes 3, Connor Stackleberg 1, Liam Richardson 1, Joseph Brechbuhl 1, 

Best Players: Corey Wagner, Adam Tpungwuti, Brandon Perkins, Charlie Driffield, Brandon McClune, Joshua Elmslie

Brisbane South East

Goal Kickers: Hayden Bray 1, Ben Keays  1, Best Players-Ben Keays, Anthony Zamaigas, David Yabsley, Max Quigley, Dan Valetic

1stQ       BN 4.6.24             BSE0.2.2

2nd        BN 9.8.62             BSE 1.4 10

3rd         BN 16.12.107      BSE 1.4.10

Final       BN22.16.148       BSE 2.5.17

Brisbane West vs. Gold Coast North

Brisbane West

Goal Kickers: Oliver Ritchie 1, Wylie Buzza 1, Connor Green 1,  John Mason 2, Luke Penberthy  1, Robert Pettis  1, Liam Reynolds 1

Best Players: Ziggy Schroder, Luke Penberthy, Johnathon Macanawai, Grant Jenning, John Mason

Gold Coast North

Goal Kickers: Lachlan Anderson 3, Chevy Palmer 2, Luke Reynolds 2, Reece Groves 2, Riley Watters, Rory  Maloney  1

Best players: Dominic McEwan, Reece Groves, Rory Maloney, Clay Cox, Lachie Anderson, Dyson Budarick, Chevy Palmer

1st Q      BW 3.3.21            GCN 1.4.10

2ND          GCN 5.8.38         BW 5.3.33

3rd         GCN 9.11.65       BW 6.3. 39

Final       GCN 11.16. 82    BW 8.3.51

Gold Coast South vs. Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast South

Goal Kickers: David King 2, Kurt Skuse 5, Dylan Lancaster 4, Ryan Adams 1

Best Players Max Spencer, Kurt Skuse, Ethan Reeves, Dylan Lancaster, Jack O’Shea.

Sunshine Coast

Goal Kickers Dylan Menti  2, Soul Cormick 1, Harry Ambrutis 3, Ben Glover 2, Eric Hipwood 1, Daniel Osbeyer 1

Best Players:Calem Volker, Soul Cormick, Brenton Philip, Gareth Hunt, Harry Ambrutis

1st Q      GCS 3.2.20           SC 2.2.14

2nd        GCS 6.2.38           SC 3.4. 22

3rd         GCS 9.3.57           SC 6.5.41

Final       GCS 12.3.75        SC 10.10.70

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