AP Cup EF: Surfers v Grange

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for all the action from Sir Bruce Small Oval as Surfers and Grange fight for their seasons.

4:57pm: FULL TIME SURFERS 11.10 (76) – 11.7 (73)

Surfers has done it. THey came in as the underdogs. but they live to see another day.

It wasn’t the flashiest game of the year, but both Grange and Surfers’ defensive pressure was off the charts.

Aside from a ten-goal second term, it was a dour affair, with neither side able to dominate much.

When Surfers had the run, they looked threatening but they were cut off far too often.

Mat Stevens was sensational for the Gorillas, but it just wasn’t enough in the end.

Jason Torney was unbelievable on the half-back line, in an undermanned Surfers side.

4:55pm: It is absolutley bittersweet for Grange. Dan Campbell kicks a goal but the final siren blows immediately. They’re out and Surfers faces Palm Beach next Sunday.

4:52pm: Two minutes to go, and both sides are still going hell for leather. Surfers leads 11.10 (76) – 10.7 (67) and Jake Ryan’s monster remains the only major of the term.

4:51pm: Brody Haberfield epitomises his side’s desperation with a leaping punch in the backline, over the boundary. They want this.

4:49pm: Jake Ryan takes a mark just on 50. If there was anyone you’d want to have this shot, it’d surely be him. AND HE’S DONE IT!

4:46pm: Noa Corbett almost sneaks one through a lucky bounce – but it hits the post. Whoever wins this, looks to be planning on doing it point by point.

4:45pm: The stalemate continues – no goals yet. All the players are out on their feet.

4:40pm: Grange has kicked three points in two minutes and now we’re talking about a draw. It couldn’t be….?

4:38pm: Matt Trewhella lines up from the boundary, decides against it and kicks it to Mat Stevens in a better spot. But Stevens DROPS IT and another chance goes begging.

4:35pm: Grange’s Lee Smith butchers a chance on his own, fumbling the kick, and it hits the post.

4:33pm: TORNEYYYY! Speckie from the Demon!

4:29pm: Here we go. One quarter left, and it should be a cracker.

4:23pm: 3QT: SURFERS 10.9 (69) – GRANGE 10.4 (64)

It’s going down to the wire in Surfers, with one quarter left to decide the fate of these sides for 2013.

The third was pressure footy, at its low scoring best, with both sides incredible on the defensive front.

There wasn’t much splitting the two sides in the quarter, but the Gorillas managed to cut the lead to less than a kick.

Jake Thomlinson has looked good in front of goals, and Grange’s ruckmen are  on song in the clearances.

Surfers’ Jake Ryan is battling hard on the ball, while it was the youngsters that stood up for the Demons with Noa Corbett, Harrison Fraser and Cassidy Haberfield pretty good.

One term to go, and this is well and truly anyone’s game.

4:22pm: Clint Cassidy returns serve for Surfers, and they’re up by five, and that’s the end of my tennis metaphors for the afternoon.

4:19pm: Mills returns the favour for Grange and it’s a one-point ball game in the visitors’ favour.

4:17pm: Ryan Dienjes makes a little something out of nothing and boots one off the ground, to give Surfers a five-point lead.

4:14pm: Cassidy Haberfield spots Jason Torney in the forward pocket, and gives him a shot, but the veteran can’t convert.

4:09pm: Jake Thomlinson has a kick straight in front, after being awarded a free kick. There’s only been two goals scored this term, and the Gorillas have them both. They lead 9.2 (56) – 8.7 (55).

4:07pm: Trent McIntyre is looking seriously ginger out there – and I’m not talking about his hair. Hamstring looks to be causing him some problems.

4:06pm: Torney takes a spectacular mark for the Demons – unfortunately, it was in their back line. The veteran is having a day out today.

4:04pm: This quarter is looking much like the first, with both sides struggling to get on top. It’s turnovers and stoppages that are dominating.

3:58pm: Brittain takes a one-hander about 30 out, with a slight angle, and the Gorillas bag the opening goal in the second half.

3:55pm: And we’re back. Big second half to go.


For SUNS fans reading, the Gold Coast looks set for a loss at Etihad Stadium, trailing St Kilda 10.9 (69)  -17.14 (116) deep into the last term.

Up at Jack Esplen Oval, Morningside and Redland are playing out an absolute cracker. The Panthers led 8.13 (61) – 8.6 (56) at three-quarter time.

3:34pm: HALFTIME SURFERS 8.6 (54) – GRANGE 7.2 (44)

After a dour opening term, the second quarter at Sir Bruce Small Oval was a scoring frenzy.

In a 10-goal term, both teams had the run of it for parts of the term.

The Demons looked to continue a strong opening quarter, kicking the first three, before the Gorillas opened fire with five goals in seven minutes.

Mat Stevens was sensational in the midfield for the Gorillas, while a switch of Matt Trewhella to defence, playing loose, was pivotal for the visitors.

Jason Torney on the other side was cutting things off in the half back line, while youngster Harrison Fraser showed glimpses of his talents, with some silky skills.

3:33pm: Harrison Fraser sees off two defenders and sets up Ryan Dienjes for a goal in the shadows of halftime.

3:31pm: Jimmy Nancarrow gets one back for Surfers and they steady the ship. Demons lead 7.6 (48) – 7.2 (44).

3:29pm: Matt Trewhella is carving up as a loose defender, a luxury afforded to the Gorillas given their top-heavy forward line.

3:28pm: Thomlinson lines up for his second aaannnndd….it just misses.

3:27pm: Ryan Dienjes is running through the midfield for Surfers this quarter, but he’s looking frustrated.

3:35pm: GRANGE IS IN FRONT! Dan Campbell kicks over the top of his head to an under siege Stevens, who managed to get a kick away just in the nick of time.

3:23pm: This is unbelievable. Andrew Mills has just kicked the Gorillas’ fourth in five minutes.

3:21pm: A millimetre perfect pass from Steve Brittain hands Jake Whitehead the Gorillas’ third in a row.Game on.

3:20pm: Grange’s Dan Collins slots one and the Gorillas will not be put away yet. Margin is now 17 points to Surfers’ favour.

3:19pm: Possible hamstring issue for Trent McIntyre – in the hands of strangers.

3:17pm: Mat Stevens gets a 50 and kicks it to Jake Thomlinson, who slots it.

3:16pm: They’ve got all the momentum and now Surfers are looking confident – you know when Harrison Fraser takes down a bloke like Jim McMahon that things are going your way.

3:15pm: It’s been all Demons this quarter, and youngster, Harrison Fraser gets their third of the term.

3:12pm: Second for Surfers in as many minutes, this time a running score from late inclusion Cameron Steward. Surfers leads 5.6 (36) – 2.1 (13).

3:11pm: Surfers’ best passage of play for a while, starting fro ma free kick in their back 50, leads to a goal for Trent McIntyre .

3:04pm: Ryan takes a superb pack mark, but misses the shot from the clubhouse boundary.

3:02pm: Second quarter on the go. And it’s still all defence.

2:55pm: QUARTER TIME Surfers Paradise 3.3 (21) – Grange 2.1 (13)

After an arm wrestle to start, the Gorillas kicked off the scoring, with a goal from Steve Brittain.

Both sides rebounding well off the halfback line, but turning it over too much through the middle of the ground.

As the quarter wore on, Surfers began to take the game on more, using their superior pace to their advantage.

Jason Torney was instrumental on half back for the Demons, while Dan Brittain has had a solid start for the Gorillas.

2:53pm: Clint Cassidy slots another for Surfers, off a nice pass from Ryan Dienjes. Demons are up by eight.

2:49pm:Ryan takes a strong contested grab on a tight angle, and slots it from 35 out. Surfers has grabbed the lead with that goal, 2.3 (15) – 2.1 (13)

2:47pm: A free kick reversal and 50 gives Jake Ryan the Demons’ opening goal.

2:45pm: Grange continue to cut the Demons off at half-back, with guys like Jake Whitehead super.

2:44pm: Mat Stevens snaps in traffic and splits the middle for the Gorillas.

2:41pm: Trent McIntyre snaps, but it hits the post and the margin is back to three points. Grange with the only goal so far.

2:39pm: With the ball in hand, Surfers looks dangerous, but they aren’t using their pace to the best of their abilities.

2:36pm: Steve Brittain opens the major scores for the Gorillas.

2:35pm: And the duck is finally broken – Surfers gets a point, and they’re up by that score.

2:32pm: Both sides lookinf flustered by the occasion, turning it over plenty of times. Twice it’s been within 10m of the Demons goal without a score now. Still 0-0

2:30pm: Grange has had the better of the attacking early, but Surfers’ back si are holding up well early.

2:28pm: We’re underway here. And it’s grange with the first clearance.

2:20pm: It’s not just players who make extra effort for finals – word on the street is that one of the field umpires has had a fresh cut for the occasion.

2:19pm: It’s a beautiful day for footy at Surfers today. And I can personally recommend their canteen hamburgers. Fresh and delicious and only $5.


Western Magpies will face UQ in an elimination semi-final in the AP Cup reserves, after beating Maroochydore in a thriller, 10.11 (71) – 9.9 (63).

At Jack Esplen Oval,  Morningside has a two-point lead over Redland at quarter-time, 1.4 (10) – 1.2 (8).

2:00pm: I’m out at Benowa today, watching Surfers take on Grange.

The Demons blitzed the Gorillas the last time they played here, in Simon Fenton’s 250th, and will have plenty of confidence on their big home ground.

Ogle is starting, with Jim McMahon on the bench for Grange.

Jack Taylor has been replaced by Cameron Steward in the Surfers side, while Cassidy Haberfield is on the pine for Surfers, with Chris Haddock starting.

Final interchanges: Micheal Cunningham, Harrison Fraser, Cassidy Haberfield, Cameron Steward

Grange: Jim McMahon, David Tough, Matthew Werner, Jake Whitehead.

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