Aaron brimming with new AFL skills

Aaron Brimming is the king of a good post-goal celebration.

Just like Brisbane Lion Josh Green, Aaron can often be seen dancing around and high five-ing his team mates after kicking a goal.

And celebrate he should, as for Aaron, even seeing the ball is difficult, let alone getting it through the big sticks.

The Gensis Christian College grade three student is visually impaired but he hasn’t let that stop him making the most of the AFL sports education program this term.

Despite having no previous AFL experience Aaron loved kicking the football around with his classmates and playing “bomb” the teacher.

Aaron was extremely enthusiastic about participating in the AFL Sport Education program with his football skills improving each week.

He even kicked two goals in the term’s Grand Final match to help his team to victory.

AFL Queensland staff running the sport education program made some special adjustments to help Aaron.

His footy was filled with ball pump pins so that it rattled and it was also wrapped and taped in a plastic bag to ensure he could hear it flying through the air.

At the end of the term, Aaron was presented with a brand new AFL football so that he can continue to improve his skills at home with his family.

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