Volunteers have their say

Community sport and recreation in Australia relies on more than 1.7 million volunteers across Australian each year.

Queensland has the highest rate of volunteering in the country with volunteer work worth about $13 billion to the state economy.

Sport and recreation organisations, along with the volunteers who create and sustain them, make a vital contribution to the community.

AFL Queensland recognises the vast contribution of volunteers to community football leagues and clubs across the state and as such has launched a new research campaign.

The survey aims to assess the training and education needs of volunteers in Queensland to make attracting and retaining volunteers easier for football clubs.

“We understand that community football clubs are only made possible through the efforts of valuable volunteers,” AFL Queensland Community Programs Officer, Aaron Hall said.

“We are investing greater resources into volunteer education to make volunteering easier and more enjoyable and to increase volunteer retention.”

The survey focuses on areas that volunteers and clubs believe require further resources for education and training such as volunteer recruitment, grants and sponsorship, marketing, planning and club culture.

The findings of the survey will assist in the allocation of resources that can best help football clubs and their volunteers.

Leagues, clubs and individuals are being encouraged to provide feedback to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to have their say.

To complete the volunteering survey click here.

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