Training kicks off for NQ vs. SQ clash

Representative squads will train together for the the first time this week ahead of  the North Queensland vs. South Queensland representative match to be played as a curtain raiser to the Western Bulldogs vs. Gold Coast SUNS match at Cairns Cazaly’s Stadium on July 16.

North Queensland met as a group for the first time on Monday with the Southeners training at Yeronga on Wednesday.

The home side has named an initial squad of 44 players from the Cairns, Capricornia, Mackay, Mount Isa and Townsville leagues.

“Overall, we are very happy with the depth and versatility of the squad,” said North Queensland coach Rick Hanlon when squads were named in June.

“We have been watching games each week and consider the squad to have a blend of youth and experience that should hold up well.”

South Queensland has gone with an initial squad of 39 players from QFA South, QFA North, QAFA (A), Darling Downs and Wide Bay.

Coach Danny Craven said the challenge of team selection was trying to get a good split of players from across the region.

“We’ve got an even spread and reasonable depth across all positions,” Craven said.

“We’ve tried to get geographical spread, and where possible, tried to get a good blend of youth and experience … tall and short.

“We’re expecting North Queensland to have a lot of quick players who can cover the big ground at Cazaly’s; so we’re going to have to make sure we can compete with them.

“We have our own strengths, but are certainly conscious that they will have a lot of good runners.”


Final Squads will be named on Monday July 11.

The North Queensland vs. South Queensland match kicks off at 4:20pm and is part a of AFL Queensland’s 150 Year Anniversary State Representative Program.

It’s the third consecutive meeting between the two, with North Queensland having won the first two encounters.

Tickets for the Western Bulldogs vs. Gold Coast SUNS match are available via or Cazaly’s Stadium.


AFL Cairns

  • Dwayne Bosen (Cairns City Lions)
  • Adam Gross (Cairns City Lions)
  • Mark Horne (Cairns City Lions)
  • Aaron Mcnab (Cairns City Lions)
  • Mitch Taylor (Cairns City Lions)
  • Timakoi Bowie (Cairns Saints)
  • Rohan Couch (Cairns Saints)
  • Kieran Daley (Cairns Saints)
  • Dean Gavin (Cairns Saints)
  • Jack Philp (Cairns Saints)
  • Zac Kelly (Cairns Saints)
  • Sam Conroy (Centrals TB)
  • Khyle Goodman (Centrals TB)
  • Jayden Holt (Centrals TB)
  • Ryan Lempa (Centrals TB)
  • Nathan McKendrick (Centrals TB)
  • Damien Roe (Centrals TB)
  • Gideon Simon (Centrals TB)
  • Damien Dewis (South Cairns)
  • Michael Douglas (South Cairns)
  • Ryan Etherington (South Cairns)
  • Ryan Mawdsley (South Cairns)
  • Jermaine Wardle (South Cairns)
  • Josh Gall(Manunda Hawks)
  • Cameron Gauci (Manunda Hawks)
  • Corey Flint (Manunda Hawks)
  • Peter Bury (Port Douglas)
  • Kye Chapple (Port Douglas)
  • Wes Glass (Port Douglas)
  • Jonathon Hobbs (Port Douglas)
  • Declan Kelly (Port Douglas)
  • Jesse Mawson (Port Douglas)
  • Dylan Wearmouth (Port Douglas)
  • Tyler Gorogo (North Cairns)

AFL Townville

  • Stannis Agita (Hermit Park Tigers)
  • Jason DiBetta (Hermit Park Tigers)
  • Bryce Kelly (Thuringowa Bulldogs)
  • Joel Newman (Thuringowa Bulldogs)
  • Blake Cooper (University Hawks)

AFL Mackay

  • Nick Proud (Moranbah Bulldogs)
  • Matthew West (Eastern Swans)

AFL Capricornia

  • Thomas Cossens (Yeppoon Swans)
  • Matt Wallin (Yeppoon Swans)

AFL Mt Isa

  • Jameson Billy (Young Guns)


Staff :

Coach: Rick Hanlon (AFL Cairns)

Assistant Coach: Brad Cooper (Port Douglas, AFL Cairns)

Assistant Coach: Jason Roe (Centrals TB, AFL Cairns)

Assistant Coach: Matthew Walsh (Cairns Saints, AFL Cairns)

Assistant Coach: Ricky Sullivan (AFL Townsville)

Team Manager: Brad Campbell (AFL Cape York)

Runner #1: Gavin Ham (North Cairns, AFL Cairns)

Runner #2: Geoff Pemberton (South Cairns, AFL Cairns)

Trainer: Amanda Porter (AFL Mackay)

Trainer: Sharryn Sheehy (AFL Townsville)

NQ Operations Manager: Sean Hunter (AFL Cairns)

NQ Ambassador: John Durkin (AFL Townsville)



QFA (North)


  • Daniel Dzufer
  • Josh Norman
  • Jackson Ryan
  • Jacob Simpson


  • Brent Maloney
  • Rob Copeland
  • Jye Fitzpatrick
  • Joel Lambourn


  • Tom Rudolph
  • James Barnes
  • Chris Taylor


  • Caleb Brown
  • Jack Coghlan
  • Zac McLean
  • Jasper Craven


  • Tom Watson
  • Lachlan Harris

Moreton Bay

  • Johnathon Giles
  • Jackson Dickfos

QFA (South)


  • Ben Gibson
  • Chris Cant
  • Brandon Stewart
  • Rory Lake


  • Josh Brown
  • Dean Gentle


  • Glenn Boyd
  • Zachary Templeton


  • Jackson Powell
  • Sam Sandford


  • Jake De Winter

Bond University

  • Ben Merrett
  • Zac Tschirn
  • Edward Burrows-Cheng


  • Jack Bacon


Park Ridge

  • Mitchell Vasterink

AFL Darling Downs

  • Brenden Isles
  • Michael Artis

AFL Wide Bay

  • Damon Oakley
  • Scott Clark


Coach: Danny Craven

Assistant Coach: Rory Lake

Assistant Coach: Nick Tomlinson

Assistant Coach: Mitch Ferguson

Team Support: Mark Mason

Team Manager: Chris Ryan

Runner: Clint Brunnenmeyer

SQ Ambassador: Tiger McCormack


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