Zillmere Vice President champions female coaches with women making up 40% of the coaching staff at the junior club

July marks the AFL’s inaugural Women’s Coaching Month, celebrating women in coaching across all levels of the game while promoting coaching as a pathway for women and girls in the football community.

AFL Queensland will be shining a spotlight on exceptional female coaches throughout our state who make a difference to our game.

Roxanne Brock, along with both her sisters have been involved in Queensland community football for as long as she can remember.

“We moved to Zillmere Football Club in 2007 after playing women’s footy at Redcliffe Tigers where we won a premiership with them,” Brock said.

“As soon as we arrived, we felt accepted, nobody differentiates between girls and the boys playing. It’s just people who love footy come play at Zillmere, no matter gender, age, or ability.

Over the last thirteen years, Zillmere Eagles have embraced female coaches and players, with women making up 40% of their coaching staff across Auskick, Superstars and Juniors.

“All of our female coaches have either played in our women’s or youth girls’ teams and now have transitioned into coaching.

“One thing I admired about Zillmere was that in 2007 the club’s board recognised very clearly the importance of women’s footy within our game.

“The males at our clubs are very aware that girls play football and that there are women leaders and coaches at our club.”

Since 2014 female participation in community football has increased by 48 per cent, making up 42 percent of participants in the game overall.

Roxy has now moved from the women’s development space into the role of Vice President but says coaching will always a passion.

“I love watching our juniors run on the ground and seeing their skills develop. I love how our coaches integrate themselves into the team and how hard they work to build a culture of acceptance.

“I hope over the next ten years we begin to see more female coaches, club presidents and CEO’s throughout the AFL.”

For further information about Women’s Coaching Month, and the AFL’s women’s coaching pathways including the She Can Coach program, BHP Women’s Coaching Academy and the AFL Victoria Women’s Coaching Academy, visit coach.afl/women-girls-coaching

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