Youth Girls’ winning nutrition

The Queensland Youth Girls team will be eating to win at this year’s Under 18 Youth Girls National Championships in May.

All of the player’s meals will be specifically designed by ex-Essendon player and now chef, Jason Johnson, to enhance their performance on the field. 

The night before the championships, the team will eat a ‘preparation’ meal, where the girls can choose from a variety of options including chicken & mushroom risotto and beef lasagne.

After a day on the field, they will eat a ‘recovery’ meal to restore their bodies before playing the following day such as crumbed Barramundi on sweet potato with rice or soy ginger beef with rice and vegetables.

Johnson started his catering business with international award winning chef John Casey, to supply athletes with appropriate dietary meal options when playing in competitive sport. 

As an ex-professional athlete himself, Johnson knows how important it is to consume food that helps the body prepare and recover from playing sport.

“Our bodies need the right fuel to perform at its best every time we take the field, Johnson said. 

“The benefits of eating a Dineamic meal is you can be assured you are eating a good quality nutritious meal very time you eat.”

All Dineamic meals are made to dietary requirements so players who are vegetarian, dairy and gluten intolerant can also wreak the rewards of a performance enhancing diet. 

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