Grace Lutheran College takes out the BSGSA


Grace Lutheran College has taken out both the Junior and the Senior leagues of this year’s AFL competition of the Brisbane School Girls Sports Association.

The teams involved in this year’s BSGSA were divided across three divisions, consisting of South, West and North.

The finalists of the South and West divisions played off against the winners of the North division to decide the winning school for the competition. 

Earlier this week, Grace Lutheran College took out the junior competition, after defeating Loreto 5, 4, 34 to 3, 4, 22.

Brisbane Christian College qualified for the Senior grand final after beating Brigidine College in the South/West v North division final.

However, their victory was short lived after they were defeated by Grace Lutheran College in the grand final yesterday.

This year’s BSGSA AFL league was the largest competition since AFL started with the BSGSA.

There were 11 teams in the junior league and seventeen teams in the senior competition.

This year saw St Rita’s and Mary Mackillop College join the BSGSA AFL competition in the North, and San Sisto, Brisbane Christian College and Loreto became involved in the south.

The AFL league of the BSGSA is also the premier 9-a-side girls competition for AFL Queensland.

Six students from the BSGSA were selected to play on representative teams with the AFL last year.

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