Youth Girls Champs this weekend

By Jennifer Lo

One hundred and fifty girls from across the country will touchdown in Shepparton, Victoria this weekend to compete in the fourth AFL Youth Girls National Championships.

Queensland, Victoria Country, Victoria Metro, South Australia/Northern Territory, New South Wales/ACT, and Western Australia will participate in the championship with the grand final to be played on Friday.

Julia Price, AFL Queensland Female Programs Manager is pleased with the form of the Queensland team going into the competition.

“They’re been playing really well and we’ve had some good preparation having picked the team in November last year,” said Price.

“We’ve had a heap of time to be able to work out what position the girls are best at and for them to gel well.”

“We’ve got a lot of youth in there plus experienced girls that have been in there for the last three years, so it’s a very solid group with good leaders and we’re hoping that this is the year,” she said

22 outstanding players will be selected at the completion of the Championships to form the Australian U18 Youth Girls Merit Team.

Female participation in AFL rose by 330% in 2012 involving almost 136,000 women and girls at a range of levels.

All matches of the Youth Girls Championships will be live streamed via

Match Program

Day 1 – Deakin Reserve: Monday 6 May

Start Game

2.00pm SA/NT vs. Western Australia

3.40pm Queensland vs. Victoria Metro

5.20pm Victoria Country vs.


Day 2 – Deakin Reserve: Tuesday 7 May

Start Game

2.00pm Victoria Metro vs. NSW/ACT

3.40pm Western Australia vs. Queensland

5.20pm SA/NT vs.Victoria Country

Day 3 – Wednesday 8 May


Day 4 – Deakin Reserve: Thursday 9 May

Start Game

2.00pm Queensland vs. Victoria Country

3.40pm Western Australia vs. NSW/ACT

5.20pm Victoria Metro vs. SA/NT

Day 5 – GRAND FINALS -Deakin Reserve: Friday 10 May

Start Game

2.00pm 5 vs.6

3.40pm 3 vs. 4

5.20pm 1 vs. 2

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