You know you’re ready for footy season when …

As the dust settles on the holiday period, our brains start switching to things like footy.

Whether you’re a fan, player, coach or volunteer, here are 15 signs that you are ready for the season to arrive.

  1. You’ve re-watched the Grand Final 68 times (and still think Tom Boyd was stiff to miss out on the Norm Smith Medal).
  2. The person who walks their dogs around the local oval while you’re having set shots knows you by name.
  3. The hair on your previously shaved ankles has now fully grown back, allowing you to look normal in shorts and thongs.
  4. You’ve started a rumor on the footy forum to get people talking.
  5. You’ve said, “this is our year, I know it,” at least 15 times since January 1.
  6. You’ve been into your local sports store every Saturday to check if they have the 2017 range of boots yet.
  7. The round 1 side is picked (as long as Robbo shows up to train at least twice before the game).
  8. You proudly announce ‘winter is coming’ to anyone who mentions the weather seeing as the AFLW season kicks off in just three weeks.
  9. The oranges are cut, on the tray in the fridge, and the lollie box is full.
  10. You’ve already cancelled on that fun run in May because you’ll pull up too sore from the game the day before.
  11. You’ve dusted off your club shirt and scarf. Both and hanging proudly on your door ready to go.
  12. You’re ‘carb loading’.
  13. You’ve put a red line through all possible holidays in September; you can’t be missing finals.
  14. Every club function is already marked in the calendar.
  15. Your footy bag is already packed, mouth guard, Gatorade (yellow of course) and all.

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By Andrew Wiles

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