www.play.afl website launches

The AFL is pleased to announce the launch of www.play.afl, a new website which makes it easier than ever to find ways to participate in Australian Football.

The website, which utilises the AFL’s ownership of the .afl top-level domain, displays the different football programs and competition categories that are available on one, easy to navigate webpage.

Australian Football has long catered for both males and females of all ages with different options that suit their experience or skill level, from complete beginners right up to the elite level.

But through www.play.afl, those options are now easy to identify for new participants who may be unfamiliar with Australia’s indigenous game.

By visiting www.play.afl users can find out more about traditional programs such as NAB AFL Auskick, and Junior and Senior Community Football, and also learn about other options such as AFL Active and McDonald’s AFL9s.

The website also helps prospective female footballers locate a nearby club with the growth in teams and competitions continuing at record levels.

People looking to volunteer their time, coach or umpire the game can also find resources on the website to be involved in Australian Football.

To celebrate the launch, a special TV Commercial is airing on the AFL’s broadcast partners in Channel Seven and Foxtel, featuring some of the biggest names in football – albeit with some unfamiliar faces.

Starring every-day Australians who were tracked down by the AFL because they share a surname with one of the AFL’s current day stars, the commercial also features Carlton star Patrick Cripps.

The campaign – you don’t have to be a footy player to be a footy player – demonstrates that regardless of your age, gender or skill level, there is a football competition or program to suit.

AFL General Manager Game and Market Development, Simon Lethlean said www.play.afl would help the AFL attract new participants.

“In 2015, participation rose to almost 1.25 million people across football programs and competitions,” Mr Lethlean said.

“The AFL, however, is committed to attracting new participants and ensuring our game is reflective of Australia’s diverse population.

“As www.play.afl develops, we hope it can provide people who are keen to be actively involved in football the tools needed to take their first step.

“NAB AFL Auskick centres along with junior and senior football clubs can be found in every corner of Australia and it’s important we help people locate the club or centre nearest to them.

“This is especially important for young boys and girls from multicultural communities, or females who may be unfamiliar with traditional avenues into our game.

“Proving you don’t need to be a footy player to play footy, people can find a version of the game that’s right for them on the www.play.afl website.

“www.play.afl can also help showcase other ways of becoming involved in football, such as AFL Active – an interval based training program designed on the fundamentals of football,  and McDonald’s AFL 9s – a social format of the game that caters for people who may not have the time or desire to play in a club football environment.

“Australian Football at all levels is a great way to be active, have fun and make friends, and now getting involved has never been easier thanks to www.play.afl.”

Not only does www.play.afl offer highly relevant information for a diverse audience of current and future football enthusiasts, it also marks the introduction of the AFL’s first website in the recently acquired .afl branded domain extension – known as a ‘top-level domain’.

With www.play.afl signifying the introduction of the .afl extension, the AFL is believed to be the first sporting code in the world to launch its own top-level domain. This places the AFL alongside globally recognised brands that also applied for their top-level domain, such as .google, .apple and .nike.

Visitors to any website that finishes in .afl can be assured that it is an official AFL website and users need only to type in www.play.afl into their browser address bar to access the portal.

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