Southport skipper Danny Wise and NT Thunder dynamo Cameron Ilett continue their two-man war in the Syd Guildford Trophy.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

The battle for the Syd Guildford Trophy has developed into ‘the amazing race’ between Southport and State captain Danny Wise and NT Thunder star Cameron Ilett.

The duo attracted best afield votes again last weekend and has each polled heavily in the last four games in succession to open a hefty gap at the top of the leaderboard.

They remain locked together in the lead on 27 votes, eight ahead of Morningside ruckman Jacob Gough, who also has been in rare form over the last month.

Gough too received the full five votes for his herculean effort against Broadbeach on Saturday.

Wise’s Southport teammate Darren Pfeiffer moved up the pack with his two-vote from the same game against the Western Magpies taking him into sixth position on 15 votes.

Labrador utility Shane Paterson moved back into the top eight after attracting four votes for an outstanding game at Redland and sits one behind Pfeiffer alongside teammate Mat Clarke.

The Syd Guildford Trophy is decided by the votes of independent AFLQ observers and the winner is named at the annual Grogan Medal/AFLQ Awards Dinner in September.

Voting goes into secret for the last four rounds of competition.  

Rd 11 Votes:

Broadbeach v Morningside

5 Votes Jacob Gough  Morningside 
4 Votes Jesse Derrick  Broadbeach 
3 Votes Nic Tomlinson  Morningside 
2 Votes Austin Lucy  Morningside 
1 Vote Josh Searl  Broadbeach

Western Magpies v Southport

5 Votes Danny Wise  Southport 
4 Votes David James  Southport 
3 Votes James Rozynski  Magpies 
2 Votes Darren Pfeiffer  Southport 
1 Vote Ed McDonnell  Magpies

Redland v Labrador

5 Votes Jason Howard  Labrador 
4 Votes Shane Paterson  Labrador 
3 Votes Nathan Gurciullo  Labrador 
2 Votes Tony Lester  Labrador 
1 Vote Phil Carse  Redland

NT Thunder v Aspley

5 Votes Cameron Ilett  Thunder 
4 Votes Shannon Rusca  Thunder 
3 Votes Cameron Roberts  Thunder 
2 Votes Jamie Sheahan  Aspley 
1 Vote Brett Goodes  Thunder

Brisbane Lions v Mt Gravatt (Played 1-4-10) 

5 Votes Tom Rockliff  Brisbane Lions 
4 Votes Troy Selwood  Brisbane Lions 
3 Votes James Hawksley  Brisbane Lions 
2 Votes Jesse O’Brien  Brisbane Lions 
1 Vote Claye Beams  Brisbane Lions

Rd 11 Leaders:

27: Cameron Ilett (NT Thunder)
27: Danny Wise (Southport) 
19: Jacob Gough (Morningside) 
18: Matt Shir (Aspley) 
18: Dayne Zorko (Broadbeach) 
15: Darren Pfeiffer (Southport) 
14: Mat Clarke (Labrador)
14: Shane Paterson (Labrador)

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