Winging it: Bye week

AFLQ community footy writer, Beth Newman, is strapping on the boots this season.

This week I added a new skill to my footy repertoire- copping a falcon.

Well, to be accurate, I’ve pretty much copped a falcon most weeks to an extent.

But this week, it left a legacy, in the form of a greenish type lump on my nose.

On the bright side, I can now add facial injury to my folio of bruises for the year.

Aside from my nose, the other main thing that really dawned on me was the importance of the mental side of things.

I’ve heard a lot of people say sport is 10% perspiration and 90% inspiration – well I’ve read it in a cliché book here once or twice anyway.

And I certainly wasn’t inspired on the weekend.

I was surprised by how my mental state really transferred over into the game and despite trying my best, it just didn’t happen.

This weekend, though, is a time to refresh and reload, with our first in-season bye.

Well, we had one in round one, but since we hadn’t really played any games, it wasn’t really so much a bye as a prolonged pre-season.

So, this mid-season break comes at a good time – my body will definitely be grateful for it.

It’s also a good chance to reflect on the season so far.

Three months ago, I was an uncoordinated, unfit, footy fan who decided to take on a new challenge.

Okay, well not that much has really changed.

However, I have learnt a bunch of new skills – kicking, handballing, marking, tackling.

I bought my first pair of footy boots, my first proper mouthguard.

I had my first wardrobe malfunction and my first nearly-fight.

I had a spray from a coach for the first time, and sang my first victory song.

It’s been a pretty eventful couple of months, but I am sure glad to have a little time to rest and recoup before the second half of the season kicks off.

Here are my top 5 personal highlights:

5. Shanking my first free kick in footy, after receiving a sledge from the opposition (and being a generally terrible kick).

4.  Having to use a car as a quarter-time siren, after the real one broke

3. Tackling a girl twice my size and not getting concussed.

2. Switching from wing to back pocket.

1. Singing the song for the first time.

Can’t wait to see what the back half of the season brings.

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