Western Magpies to celebrate 50 years of senior football

By Ant Wingard

Brisbane’s western suburbs will raise the bat this weekend as Sherwood and the Western Magpies celebrate 50 years of senior football as the side host Sandgate at McCarthy Homes Oval, August 18.

To honour the landmark, the Magpies will don a special commemorative guernsey in the QAFL and QAFL Reserves matches against the Hawks.

The guernsey features the names of all 980 Magpies’ players and coaches who have worn the black and white stripes at senior level over the past half-century.

A function will also be held after the senior QAFL game to celebrate the milestone.

Throughout their history, the Magpies have won 14 senior premierships across a number of football divisions, including the club’s golden age of the 1970s and early 1980s where they won eight consecutive premierships in a row in the SQAFA.

Sherwood DAFC was originally formed in 1956 however it offered only junior football during its formative years.

With so many players wanting to continue their careers, it was decided to field senior teams and in 1968, the Magpies formed their first ever senior team.

After finishing fifth in their first campaign and second in their sophomore season, Sherwood made the jump to SQAFA level in 1973 and went on to levels of success that are still yet to be replicated.

The club won a premiership in every season from 1975 to 1982 and following their golden years, moved to the QAFL in 1983 before moving to the Gold Coast competition from 1988-1991.

Sherwood amalgamated with Western Districts in 1991, returning to the QAFL under the Western Districts Warriors moniker, where they claimed the 1996 premiership.

Just one year removed from their premiership triumph, the Warriors went into recess during the 1997 and 1998 seasons – the first time in 30 years the club wouldn’t field a senior team.

A band of senior players regrouped and reformed the Magpies of old under the current Western Magpies name.

Since, the club have continued to climb up the AFL Queensland divisions including stints in the South Queensland League, the old division one and two competitions and the QAFL, where they remain today.

During their tenure, a host of legendary Queensland footballing figures have played for the Magpies, including 1983 Grogan Medallist, Bill Peirce, three-time club best and fairest winner Steve Rippon and legendary coach, Lindsay Jacob.

In total, 11 players have been picked or drafted from the Magpies to the VFL/AFL.


1968 — 5th Metropolitan League
1969 — 2nd Metropolitan League
1970 — PREMIERS SQAFA–Sherwood d University by 6 goals
1971 — 3rd SQAFA
1972 — 3rd SQAFA
1973 — PREMIERS SQAFA–  Sherwood  d Mt Gravatt by 4 points; Premiers in Under 17s
1974 — 3rd SQAFA
1975 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood
1976 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d Mt Gravatt; Premiers in Reserves (d Mt Gravatt)  and Under 17s
1977 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d Mt Gravatt by 10 points; Premiers in Thirds
1978 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d Mt Gravatt by 35 points; Premiers in Reserves and Under 17s.
1979 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d ; Premiers in Reserves and Under 17s
1980 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d Mt Gravatt
1981 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d Aspley by 8 goals; Premiers in Reserves and Under 17s
1982 — PREMIERS SQAFA — Sherwood d Wynnum by 49 pts; Premiers in Reserves
1983 — 7th QAFL
1984 — 8th QAFL
1985 — 9th QAFL
1986 — 5th QAFL
1987 — 8th QAFL
1988 — 6th Gold Coast AFL
1989 — 5th Gold Coast AFL
1990 —  ? State Association


1991 – position unknown
1992–  position unknown
1993 – position unknown– Premiers –Under 17s
1994 – position unknown
1995 — position unknown — Premiers Under 17s
1996 — PREMIERS QAFL– West Brisbane d Mt Gravatt by 54 points;   Premiers –Under 18s
1997 — No Senior team
1998 – No Senior team– Premiers –Under 18s


1999 — 5th QSFL
2000 — 5th AFL Sth Qld;  Premiers Under 18s
2001 — 9th AFLQ Div 1
2002 — 9th AFLQ Div 1
2003 — 8th AFLQ Div 1; Premiers Under 18s
2004 — 8th AFLQ Div 1
2005 — 3rd AFLQ Div 2;  Premiers Reserves and Under 18s
2006 — PREMIERS AFLQ Div 2– WMAFC d Noosa by 51 points; Premiers in Reserves
2007 — Runners Up AFLQ Div 2; Premiers in Reserves and Thirds
2008 — PREMIERS AFLQ Div 2 — WMAFC d Palm Beach-Currumbin by 3 points; Runners up in  Reserves
2009 — 12th AFLQ Div 1; Premiers in Woodsmen
2010 — 12th AFLQ Div 1; Premiers in Under 18
2011 — 3rd AFLQ Premier Div; Runners-up in Under 18s
2012 — PREMIERS SEQAFL — WMAFC d Palm Beach-Currumbin by 27 points
2013 — 3rd SEQAFL
2014 — 8th QAFL; Premiers in Woodsmen
2015 — 4th QAFL;  Premiers in Under 17s
2016 — 3rd QAFL
2017 — 6th QAFL

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