Volunteer spotlight: Penny Colenso

By Carmel Gould, AFLBJ Volunteer Board Member

Penny Colenso is the secretary and registration at Park Ridge Pirates. She has been involved with her club for five years. Her other duties she attends to are, loving ground marshal and a team manager.

Penny became involved with football, so she could be part of the development of all children, boys and girls and to assist her family and club to better improve football in the Park Ridge area.

She regards her efforts as very rewarding and sets a great example for her own children. Volunteering is to her very interesting and even though she has to juggle her time would not consider doing anything else. Penny would like to encourage anyone to give volunteering a go.

Park Ridge has a great group of parents and friends who encourage all of the teams to be happy and be respectful of the club. Penny her husband Andy and the committee are hoping to establish a home ground for the Park Ridge club in the near future.

Volunteering is a one hour at a time commitment and she would recommend it to all to give it ago, “you’ll absolutely love it”.

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