Volunteer of the Week: Krista Muncey

10 years ago, Krista Muncey was introduced to the Wynnum football club, and hasn’t looked back since. The Viking’s secretary is this weeks AFL Queensland volunteer of the week.

It was her boyfriend, and current President, Danny Harris, who first got Muncey involved in the Vikings a decade ago.  A previous family connection made it the perfect fit.

“It was about ten years ago, my boyfriend was involved in the club, and that’s how it all began,” Muncey said.

“I’ve always been interested in footy, I’ve got family from Victoria, and my Grandpa was a sponsor of the club, so I guess you could say it is a bit of a family affair. I’m just always down there now, if I wasn’t I would probably never see my other half.”

Like most good stories, her involvement in the club started around a bar, but it wasn’t long until she was jumping head first into the committee.

“I first started helping out behind the bar, the guy who was organising it all just didn’t come back one day, so I took over,” Muncey said.

“After that, doing all the ordering and everything else involved, it was just easier for me to be on the committee, and help out Danny.”

The reason behind her commitment and dedication to the club is a pretty simple one.

“I don’t know why I do it, I just enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it,” she said.

No doubt about it, there is an overwhelming love for the club that keeps her going.

“Yeah… I do love this club; you wouldn’t do what you do otherwise. I don’t have children at this club or anything like that, so I’m not doing it for anyone else, I do it for the club, because I love it.”

Life as Muncey knows it is all about footy, and that’s just how she likes it.

“I couldn’t imagine life without football. I was talking about that the other day with my friends. I asked, what do normal people do with their lives. Without football I don’t know what happens. Everything is just footy footy footy,” she said.

It’s people like Kristy Muncey that make it all tick. They don’t put themselves in the limelight, they don’t ask for the recognition they deserve, but without them, clubs like Wynnum wouldn’t exist.

By Andrew Wiles@andrewjwiles

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