Vikings reach silver in Quality Club Program

Wynnum is the first Brisbane club to achieve silver club accreditation

Wynnum AFC is the first Brisbane club to achieve Silver accreditation in the Quality Club Program.

The Vikings were the second Queensland club, after Caloundra, to reach silver status

To achieve silver accreditation, clubs must satisfy a variety of criteria in regards to their administration.

Clubs at this level must have a strategic plan in place, establish volunteer position descriptions, have a level one sports trainer as well as meet a number of other benchmarks.

The Quality Club Program recognises clubs with positive environments and strong volunteer administration.

The Vikings had to start from scratch to reach Silver accreditation, putting in plenty of hard yards to become the first Brisbane club to achieve the status.

“Previously nothing was set up. We’d always wanted to do it, but never had the time,” she said.

“Worked with our AFL club coordinator, Ally and she helped us out.”

“A lot of it you just don’t know where to start and she was really good for helping us figure it out.”

Wynnum secretary, Krista Muncey, said the changes around the club were already having a positive impact.

“Everything’s run on volunteers every team needs a ground marshal and water carriers and things like that,” she said.

“I know we can just be like here’s the position description and everyone knows roughly what to do.

“It’s all clear cut and that runs all the way through the club and the committee. Everyone has that clear directions.

The reaction from members has been positive too, Muncey said.

“Everyone’s really excited that we’re now really up to speed,” he said.

“It’s just easier for everyone.”

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