Upskill in Draft Week

Less than a day after the next generation of AFL stars are selected by AFL clubs at the National AFL  Draft, you could learn how to spot an athlete with the potential to make it.

AFL Queensland’s Talent ID Course, to be held at Metricon Stadium on Friday November 28 from 1:00pm-7:00pm, will give you greater insight into what makes a talented athlete.

These skills could help you progress into a state league or potentially an AFL scouting role, that will help you with everything from  

The education doesn’t stop there, though, with coaching courses across the weekend.

The Level Two coaching course will be held over Saturday November 29 and Sunday November 30, with a view to help established coaches take the next step.

To participate, coaches must have held a level One accreditation for at least two years and be coaching in youth or senior football.

This course aims to help coaches expand their coaching skill set and is the beginning of a multi-faceted program that will give you a Level Two coaching accreditation.

The AFL have now made the Coach Coordinator an accredited course. ideal for junior clubs looking to build strong football program at their clubs.

The role of the club coaching co-ordinator is a pivotal role in the football club environment, which is designed to assist in the support and continual development of coaches and their support staff.

The course runs from 8:30-4:30 on Saturday November 29.

AFL Queensland State Coaching, Volunteer and Affiliates Manager, Jack Barry, said these courses would help strengthen the state’s football clubs.

“All of these accreditation programs help to build skills in areas that are essential for the development of AFL in Queensland,” he said.

“If more people can identify talent, coach at a high level or provide support to our coaches that can only lead to a positive change in our clubs.

“Having highly knowledgeable and skilled people at all levels of football will ultimately help our players and coaches to improve as well.”

Click this link for all the details on these courses.

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