Under 14 Championships – Day 1 Results

North Queensland, Gold Coast South, Papua New Guinea and Brisbane West were the winners on Day 1 of the Under 14 Queensland State Academy Championships at Broadbeach Football Club today.

Teams will enjoy a rest day tomorrow with play resuming on Wednesday at Sir Bruce Small Park, home of the Surfers Paradise Demons.

Day 2 Schedule

Wednesday 26 June

Sir Bruce Small Park

Ashmore Rd, Benowa

Game 5 9.00AM Brisbane South East vs. Brisbane North

Game 6 10.30AM. Sunshine Coast vs. Gold Coast North

Game 7. 1.45PM. North Queensland vs. Gold Coast South

Game 8. 3.15PM. Papua New Guinea vs. Brisbane West

Day 1 Full Results

Brisbane South vs. North Queensland

1st. BS. 1.0.6. NQ. 1.1.7

2nd. BS. 3.1.19. NQ. 2.5.17

3rd. BS. 3.1.19. NQ. 5.6.36

4th. BS. 4.2.26. NQ. 6.8.44

Brisbane South Goal kickers

Harry Gillet 2, Sachem Parkin-Owens 2

Brisbane South Best

Dean Benson, Adam Peak, Jarod Pascoe, Tremayne Mgagher, Sachem Parkin-Owens

North Queensland Goal kickers

Kanja Kamara, Myron Ahwang, Daniel Gibson 2, Bailey Malkki, Tom Goodall

North Queensland best

Lachlan Smith, Connor Russell, Kanja Kamara, Charlie Gibuma, Lachlan Bulmer, Thomas Baulch, Bayley Malkki

Gold Coast South vs. Brisbane North

1st. GCS. 2.4.16. BN. 1.2.6

2nd. GCS. 6.5.41. BN. 5.2.32

3rd. GCS. 9.8.62. BN. 5.3.33

4th. GCS. 10.12.72 BN. 7.4.46

Gold Coast South Goal kickers

Lochlan Blackmore, Sam Davidson 2, Brayden Crossley, Mitch Olarenshaw, Jake Lizoguboff, Taylor Hombsch 2, Patrick Connelly, Corey Beaman,

Gold Coast South best

Sam Davidson, Blair Sutlan, Taylor Hombsch, Jacob Dawson, Jayden Verdoorn,

Brisbane North goal kickers

Oliver Scot 3, Ben Pay 2, Will Davis 2,

Brisbane North best

Cody Stackelberg, Jack Chapman, Steve Clark, Ben Pay, Will Davis

Sunshine Coast vs. Papua New Guinea

1st. SC 2.2.14. PNG. 1.4.10

2nd. SC 3.2.20. PNG. 5.6.36

3rd. SC 7.3.45. PNG 6.7.43

4th. SC 8.6.54 PNG. 11.7.73

Sunshine Coast goal kickers

Jack Payne, Tom Fullarton, Jesse Higgins 3, Jake Warren, Jimmi Palmer, Jordan Rost

Sunshine Coast best

Tom Fullarton, Connor Welsh, Jesse Higgins, Reid Gordon, Harry Jenner

PNG goal kickers

Shadrick Iwi 2, Cobern Gamuna 6 , Saburo Gerad, Matrus Kepas, Jemasol Paira

PNG best

Jemasol Paira, Shadrick Iwi, Elton Palei, Matrus Kepas, Saburo Gerard, Cobern Gamuna

Gold Coast North vs. Brisbane West

1st. GCN. 0.3.3. BW 2.1.13

2nd GCN 2.3.15. BW 3.5.23

3rd GCN 3.4.22 BW 5.6.42

4th GCN 4.4.28 BW 11.7.73

Gold Coast North goal kickers

Joel Platell 3, Fin Keys

Gold Coast North best

Riley Smith, Alby Jones, Joel Platell, Nathan Bennett, Harry Simington, Lachlan McDonald

Brisbane West goal kickers

Max Webber, Josh Commons 3, Connor ballenden, Ethan Sivijs 2, Kale Ross , Billy Drake 2, Lachlan Cowley

Brisbane West best

Josh Commons, Brock Aston, Max Webber, Jack Clayton, Ruby Tapp

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