Wednesday 16 February 2011

South-East Queensland-based umpires had no hesitation in pledging their full support to the flood relief aspect of the Club Aid pre-season competition, which takes place next month.

Umpires from the former State League, Division 2 Pineapple Hotel Cup and State Association have donated their time and skills free of charge, which will contribute heavily to the various days making a profit.

All funds will be utilized to assist those clubs worst affected by last month’s floods to offset football related costs.  

AFLQ Umpires’ Association chief Chris Guice said his membership were only too happy to help.

“Everyone has been effected in some way by these recent tragic events,” Guice said.

“Sport and in particular our code is the heart of our community, it’s what brings us all together and strengthens us.

“To be able to directly support and contribute to our footy family and help our fellow stakeholders is accepted by our AFLQUA members in a heartbeat.

“Trying times test us, it also brings out the best in us. There is no question our sport and the clubs affected by these events will come out stronger and our commitment to developing the game grow.”

The Club Aid competitions will be played at the three different levels throughout March, with a separate Club Aid Trophy being presented for the NEAFL, Pineapple Hotel Cup and State Association competitions.

Fundraising events will occur through each day.

At the same time, players and umpires will gain valuable preparation for the season proper.

The umpires have enjoyed a strong start to the post-Christmas period with good numbers at training and a buoyant spirit within the group.

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